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Stop Genocide of Shiites of Parachinar; demands MQM Convener Nadeem Nusrat

Stop Genocide of Shiites of Parachinar; demands MQM Convener Nadeem Nusrat
 Posted on: 6/27/2017
Stop Genocide of Shiites of Parachinar; demands MQM Convener Nadeem Nusrat
“Security forces are biased towards aggrieved Shiites of Parachinar – security forces of Pakistan have showered volley of bullets on Shiites on protest against their massacre – MQM condemns genocide of Shiite and stands with them through thick and thin”

Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Pakistan Coordination Committee Convener Nadeem Nusrat has vehemently condemned the biased attitude of security forces towards the innocent Shiite people of Parachinar and their genocide by the terrorists, and has demanded that Shiite genocide in Parachinar should be stopped.
In a statement, the Convener said that the Shiite people of Parachinar are facing genocide for past many years. They are butchered while forcing them to get off the coaches, they are massacred through suicide bombings and they are killed one after another by terrorists after ascertaining their identity as Shiite.
On the other, the security forces of Pakistan deployed in Parachinar are also treating Shiite of Parachinar like enemies and their attitude towards the already wholly repressed Shiite of Parachinar is completely biased. The security forces also attack them on their protest against their genocide.
After the terrorists wreaked havoc on Shiites of Parachinar, the Premier of the country, the chief of Pakistan army, President of the country and federal interior minister deliberately avoided to speak a word of consolation and sympathy to alleviate the pain, agony and grief of the victim Shiites of Parachinar while the security forces of Pakistan made all they could to silence their voice of protest in reaction to their genocide. The question is why they are all doing it to the Shiite of Parachinar? Perhaps they ahte the Shiite and it is the sole reason behind their hate and actions full of hatred.
Nusrat while commenting on the biased attitude of the Prime Minister, Punjab province chief Minister, Pakistan army chief and other leaders, said that they had all visited Bahawalpur to show solidarity to the victims of arson but they deliberately ignored Shiites of Parachinar, who were attacked by Suicide terrorist and claimed lives of hundreds of innocent Shiites there.
The MQM Coordination Committee Convener Nusrat asked if Shiite are not Pakistani nationals and humans? Is it not the obligation of the rulers of the country to alleviate their agonies and make them feel protected and secure?
Nusrat also slammed Pakistani media for partisanship, and the fact is that the media has totally ignored slain Shiites of Parachinar. The media has also turned blind eyes to the families and other members of Shiite community at sits-in in protest to their genocide in Parachinar and in nook and cranny of Pakistan.
He assured Shiites of Pakistan that MQM is with them through thick and thin.
He demanded Government of Pakistan to take decisive steps for stopping the genocide of Shiites in Pakistan, take steps for their protection form fanatic Jihadis and immediately release the siege of Parachinar.
He offered prauers to the souls of slain Shiites of Parachinar and expressed complete solidarity to the aggrieved families also on behalf of MQM founder leader and father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Altaf Hussian.

9/22/2023 2:55:02 PM