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Karachi: Rise in crimes in Ramadan is a matter of high concern: MQM CC

Karachi: Rise in crimes in Ramadan is a matter of high concern: MQM CC
 Posted on: 6/21/2017
Karachi: Rise in crimes in Ramadan is a matter of high concern: MQM CC

“Robbers and armed criminals feel free to rob the civilians amid huge deployment of LEAs, Police and rangers – Even Muslims engaged in religious acts are not safe from robbers and criminals –LEAs are also minting money from civilians in the name of Eid (Extortion)”

Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee has expressed profound concern over highly increasing street crimes in Karachi amid heavy deployment of law enforcement agencies, Police and paramilitary Rangers.
It has also deplored the anti-Karachi and anti-Karachiites behavior of the LEAs.
In a statement, the Coordination Committee said that the paramilitary Rangers have been deployed in nook and cranny of Karachi but still the robbers and armed criminals are free to rob the civilians on gun point and even the mosques are not safe as the robbers have also robbed the civilians in mosques during their engagements in extreme religious acts.
It also said that the rise in crime during the holy month of Ramadan has soared to skies and the armed bandits, street criminals and robbers are freely moving in Karachi from one corner to another and are facing no obstruction form the LEAs in their heinous criminal acts of robbing the civilians, depriving them of their personal belongings such as money, cell phones and others.
The Coordination Committee regretted that at one hand the LEAs have allowed the criminals to do what they like to do and at the other they are also depriving the civilians of their money in the name of Eidi (A form of extortion by LEAs on advent of Eid).
It demanded that stern notice should be taken in this regard and the culprits should be taken to task and the lives and properties of the civilians should be protected from criminals and LEAs.

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