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Mohajirs to boycott elections unless and until unannounced ban on Altaf Hussain, MQM is ended: Convener Nadeem Nusrat

Mohajirs to boycott elections unless and until unannounced ban on Altaf Hussain, MQM is ended: Convener Nadeem Nusrat
 Posted on: 6/16/2017
Mohajirs to boycott elections unless and until unannounced ban on Altaf Hussain, MQM is ended: Convener Nadeem Nusrat
“Mohajirs won’t get involved in electioneering unless they are allowed to work freely like other for their separate province - MQM appeals to Mohajirs to stay at homes and boycott elections”

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) convener Nadeem Nusrat has said MQM would be constrained to appeal to Mohajirs for boycotting forth coming general elections in case the unannounced ban on MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain is not ended. All Mohajir elders, mothers, sisters and youth would be appealed to stay at home on the day of polling.
He made this statement while giving a press conference at MQM International Secretariat in London. He was flanked by MQM Coordination Committee members Mustafa Azizabadi and Qasim Ali Raza.
The Convener said that there is no use of participating in elections, making extra efforts, offering sacrifices and working round the clock for the candidates, who prove time servants after winning the elections and while ignoring the hard work, sacrifices of the devoted workers, join the treasury benches for their personal and vested interest. Mohajirs are weary of this sort of useless elections as the candidates have disowned workers and founder leader of MQM Mr. Hussain.
He categorically announced that Mohajir men and women won’t agree to get involved in national politics and participate in elections until unannounced ban on Mohajirs and their sole representative party, MQM is ended, Mohajirs in detention are released, MQM headquarters Nine Zero is handed over back to MQM, MQM Charity Khidmat-e Khalq Foundation - KKF is allowed to function once again, Nazeer Hussain Medical Centre is allowed to serve the patients, Nazeer Hussain University and MQM-run free schools handed back to MQM for imparting education to the people.
MQM has decided not to take part in elections sans ending the unannounced ban on MQM and allowing the party to participate in politics with even playing field.
Nusrat said that all civilian and military governments in Pakistan have during past 70 years from 1947 to 2017 deprived Mohajirs of their social rights and subjected them to worst economic repression and genocide. Doors to jobs have been closed on to Mohajirs and even those on jobs have been fired and retrenched.
He asked whether the ancestors of Mohajirs had created Pakistan for seeing their offspring to live as third degree citizens and face starvation through enforced unemployment and genocide. The ancestors of Mohajirs had offered 2.2 million lives to the way of creation of Pakistan but in return Mohajirs are subjected to arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial murders and enforced disappearances. Till date the death toll of Mohajirs has reached 22000 and none of the fateful Mohajir family is provided with justice.
The convener said that slaves of the British Empire in the undivided sub-continent have now become masters in Pakistan for their loyalty to their English Masters. There is always a violent situation in Kashmir, and there are many casualties there and leaders face detention a matter of routine but still Kashmiris are allowed to take to street in protest to repression. Though the Kashmiri youth also faces arbitrary arrests but they also get released in few days. However, this is Pakistan where a 70 year old senile leader of MQM Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif is sent up the river without any legal charge. He has been handcuffed and maltreated. MQM, the sole representative party of Mohajirs is facing unannounced ban without legal authenticity.
He said that not only Mohajirs but also Balouch are victim of worst state repressions and genocide. On the issue of enforced disappearances and abduction of Mohajirs by the security forces without any legal charge and legal authenticity, Pakistan’s courts never played a positive role for safe return of the kidnapped Mohajirs. The security forces massacred thousands of Mohajirs from 1986 to 1992.
“It is a misery that no civilian government had powers and freedom to rule over the country during past 70 years and sadly the judiciary is also an organ to powerful establishment, deplored the Convener.”
MQM had moved courts and all available democratic fora but to no avail and hence the party is correct to ask as where it should go for justice and how Mohajirs can live with respect and dignity as equal citizen of Pakistan, added the Convener.
Nusrat said that the quota system was imposed in Sindh for ten years but it is still being enforced and sadly no political party or leader raised a voice of concern over this candid injustice ad tyranny. The Mayor of Karachi who has the complete support and mandate of people of Karachi has been rendered powerless and the ruling Pakistan Peoples’ Party is enjoying its enforced dominance in both rural and urban profiles of Sindh province. Karachi’s wealth and resources have been robbed, Karachi’s precious land is being illegally occupied and sold and Mohajirs are being enslaved in their own city.
This is a very volatile situation in Karachi and a deep sense of strangeness is fast being dissipated among Mohajirs, he warned.
The convener said that at one hand, MQM is charged with nefarious propaganda while at the other weapons recovery drama is being staged every day with baseless claims that it belongs to MQM.
Nusrat said that MQM is apprising all international human rights organisations of injustices inflicted on Mohajirs and it is a healthy sign that the international human rights organisations are also acknowledging the fact through their own investigations.
He offered gratitude to all workers of MQM on behalf of MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain for their steadfastness, loyalty and devotedness despite all hardships and atrocities.
He appreciated MQM workers for making their best regarding providing support to the families of martyrs and disappeared workers.

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