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 Posted on: 6/6/2017 1


 My dear elders, men and women,affiliates, followers, devotees and especially jailed and disappeared party workers if they get my message, their families, families of martyrs, affiliates of APMSO, different wings of MQM, journalists, anchorpersons, columnists and writers and bloggers, traders, labourers and industrialists and people from every walk of life, UN member countries’ heads, international human rights organisations, amnesty international, NGOs and think tanks, Congressman, Senators,Parliamentarians of different democratic countries of the world, Honorable Presidents,Prime Ministers of all democratic countries,

Good Evening 

It is Monday, June 5, 2017,

First of all, I strongly condemn the Manchester suicide attack on May 22, 2017 on people who were in a musical concert at the arena which claimed so many precious lives of the innocent British citizens and I extend my condolences and sympathies to each bereaved family and pray for the departed souls and for the early recovery of those injured in that suicide attack. Less than a month after Manchester suicide attack, terrorists carried another devastating attack on the innocent people on June 3, 2017 at around 10 GMT. In this second attack, the terrorists crushed the innocent people on pavement and dozens had died on the spot while many were left seriously injured. Followed by that crushing attack, the terrorists with sharp daggers in hands attacked unarmed, helpless and innocent citizens on streets, stabbed seven to death and injured more than 50. The death toll from Manchester arena suicide attack also counts to above 100. On June 3, the terrorists ruthlessly massacred seven innocent citizens and injured more than 50.

My dear ladies and gentlemen,

It is beyond doubt that truth would prevail and the evil would cease to exist. Fie upon the liars. Whoever listens to my speeches, messages in urban Sindh and across Pakistan are witness that I took the courage to warn the people, press and media, political analysts,politicians, higher authorities in Pakistan, journalists and writers of speedy radicalization in Pakistan with the blessing of army establishment and ISI and governments in centre and in provinces.

Those who have entered the age of senility can verify that the number of seminaries in Pakistan was never so high as is today, in nook and cranny, and in fact, these seminaries are nurseries of Jihad, I kept on warning the authorities of fast spreading network of radicalised Taliban extremists in Pakistan but the sad side of the picture is that the spread of Taliban factor was in the interests of army establishment,ISI and rulers. The seminaries are now in great numbers as compared to their numbers in past.

Politicians, TV anchorpersons, cabinet minister, provincial chief executives especially Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Arbab Ghulam Rahim, all rejected me on my warnings on speedy radicalization. All political parties, PPP, PMLN, PTI, ANP, Jamaat-e Islami, JUI, different Muslim Leagues, analysts, writers, rejected me and alleged me of creating panic in the society on Taliban factor. They all plainly asserted they did not see a sheer sign of speedy radicalization in Pakistan. They ridiculed my warnings into political gains but the time proved I was correct. Taliban and ISIS have so far massacred more than 200, 000 people in Pakistan and have left more than 10,0000 as injured.

I had many years ago warned Pakistani authorities that Taliban would not only be a dreadful factor for Pakistan but they would be a direct threat to global peace and the time has also proved it.The world is witness of 9/11 in United States of America and 7/7 in United Kingdom. The spell of terror is going around of which Manchester arena suicide attack in which women and children were on top of victims and then London Bridge terror attacks on June 3, 2017 in which 7 were killed and more than 50 were injured. I pray for the departed souls and early recovery of the injured.

Taliban and ISIS have wreaked havoc in every part of the world, in UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Morocco, Philippine,Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, China and U. S.A.

I ask all those politicians, writers,academicians to claim they were correct on their stance that Talibanisation was happening fast in Pakistan or accept I was correct who took the lead in creating awareness on radicalization in Pakistan and that they had at the behest of some forces and their personal grudge rejected me. Their attitude and mentality has left the world to the verge of devastation by Taliban and ISIS.

Pakistan army and ISI duped the masses and on my courage for creating awareness on radicalization in Pakistan with the blessing of army and ISI, they launched two deadly military operations,Operation Zarb-e Azb and Operation Raddul Fasad, against MQM and Mohajirs. The proof of these two anti-MQM and anti-Mohajirs military operations is that the army and ISI created factions against MQM and all those criminal elements that were ousted from MQM were assembled and brought forward as factions against MQM and Mohajirs. On the pattern of Haqiqi, army and ISI created PSP Kamaloo Gang and PIB gang under Farooque Sattar as ring leader. They had betrayed me despite that had solemnly pledged on Quran that they would always remain loyal to me and the movement for the rights of Mohajirs. I had appointed Farooque Sattar as Parliamentary leader and the Coordination Committee had endorsed me. On August 23, 2016, My name was removed from the constitution of MQM while the fact is that under no circumstances or under any law, the name of founder of party could not be removed or replaced. In fact, the party constitution submitted with the election commission of Pakistan from which my name has been removed unconstitutionally, is one that I had prepared. The traitors would soon face the repercussions here and hereinafter. Everything that is in MQM is only because of me. People donated money on my request for party operations including charity network.

Criticism on army and ISI has been declared as unpardonable crime in Pakistan but can anyone tell me if the constitution allows army and ISI to ruin Pakistan?

If the military operation Zarb-e Azbwas meant to eliminate terrorism and religious extremism from Pakistan, why LalMasjid (Red Mosque) right in front of ISI headquarters at Aabpara in Islamabad is intact till date? Why cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz is allowed to move freely and is not up the river as yet despite his open terror activities? The students especially girl students of Jamia Hafsa (Hafsa seminary) inside Lal Masjid have sworn in to remain loyal to ISIS but none of them arrested and the seminary Hafsa is altogether protected. In fact, army had launched Zarb-e Azb to break MQM and they created factions within MQM though none of their created faction was successful in getting attention of the people.

Saudi Arabia has disputes with Iran and 39 countries joined Saudi-led military alliance only for money. Why Pakistan’sex-army chief General Rahil Sharif accepted to lead the alliance as commander?The critics, writers and politicians did not have the courage to speak on that issue and if a few bloggers dared to raise their voice of concern, they were kidnapped by ISI, subjected to vehement torture and left with only two options,either keep silent or leave the country.

My dear brothers and sisters,

Thousands of Balouch youth have been executed extra-judicially for demanding their rights. Thousands of tribesmen ofFATA have been killed and even their bodies are not available to their families. Thousands of Mohajirs have been murdered extra-judicially.

It is the Pakistan army and ISI tha thas created Taliban and ISI. People might ask me to allege America for creating these terrorist organisations but I would ask them to show some courage and saythis on their own if they can prove it. Why they fear condemning America but condemn Pervez Musharraf for becoming an ally to America in war on terror? They can’t do this because they get billions from U. S. A.

On the other, the USA., UK, EU and other countries should also review policies towards Pakistan, should stop ornot the aid to Pakistan, which is solely used for the promotion of terrorism from Pakistan.

Pakistan had welcomed Jihadis from around the world for training in Pakistan. Pakistan had set up a special immigration service for receiving them without proper visa. The officers in army, who are not in favour of their superiors with radicalised mindset, should now decide for a decisive action before it is too late to mend as the incumbent army leadership would soon bring the country to a point of no return, the ultimate devastation.

My dear friends,

Army, Kamaloo Gang, PIB Gang are victimizing MQM workers and women, depriving them of jobs, threatening them for dire consequences on refusing to join them. These gangs must bear in mind that tyranny and injustice can never prosper as is the law of nature.  All Haq Parast (truth loving) people are standing beside me despite worst hardships.

I ask Pakistani establishment to stop sending militants to Afghanistan after training them on Pakistani soil. Stop exporting terrorists to India and Iran. Stop with your terror plans for the world as you can’t fight the world. You are living on charity and borrowing from world.

I urge upon my companions, mothers and sisters, students and youth they should remain united. I never tell lies but always speak the truth. My predictions have proven and will keep proving.

I urge upon the people of Pakistan to rise against the spread of terrorism and the writers and anchorpersons should step forward for this noble cause. They should have fear of God and stand with the truth.

I also appreciate troopers in Pakistan army, who do not support anti-social, anti-humanity acts and hence they should also come forward to save Pakistan from destruction.

My dear friends,

The waiting is almost over. The time is approaching very fast for the final judgment. Pakistan is getting all time bad name across the globe. The terror attacks in London on June 3 were linked to Pakistan and the mastermind was identified as Khurram Butt, who hailed from Jehlumin Punjab – Pakistan. Pakistani establishment still demands for chanting slogans for Pakistan – Long Live Pakistan – but none of Pakistanis in UK is chanting this slogan – No sane individual like this slogan after witnessing the massacre of the innocent people.

Please ponder upon my words.

Long Live Mohajir – long Live Mohajir –Long Live Mohajir

Support the victims of terror in Pakistan and everywhere in the world.

Thank you.

12/8/2022 12:34:08 PM