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MQM Convener demands end to arbitrary arrests of MQM workers

MQM Convener demands end to arbitrary arrests of MQM workers
 Posted on: 5/24/2017
MQM Convener demands end to arbitrary arrests of MQM workers

“LEAs have accelerated pace of arresting MQM workers at the behest of PIB Gang – Pakistan is surrounded by threats at three sides of borders but establishment is leashing out at MQM ignoring serious threats – Federal Interior Minister on failing to serve the country is focusing on curtailing freedom of speech – Pakistan is passing through draconian age”

Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Convener Nadeem Nusrat has condemned arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances of workers of MQM in Karachi and Hyderabad. Arbitrarily arresting MQM workers and detaining them in undisclosed locations where the arrested workers are being subjected to vehement physical and, mental torture should now be stopped for ever and the tactic of implicating the arrested workers in fake cases should also be stopped.
He was addressing a news conference at the MQM Secretariat in London on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. MQM Coordination Committee members Mustafa Azizabadi and Qasim Ali Raza had flanked him.
He said that a day earlier, the law enforcing agencies had arrested MQM workers Moeed Gaddi and Mohsin Qureshi for chanting slogans in favour of their beloved MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain on the occasion of a petty procession produced by PIB Gang, which has in recent months betrayed the MQM at the behest of the establishment. The arrests of MQM workers were done by the law enforcement agencies at the behest of PIB Gang. The arrested workers were tortured vehemently in detention at CIA Centre. The law enforcement agencies again the at the behest of PIB gang conducted raids on house of workers of MQM and arrested more workers including Zafar Rajput, Amir Iqbal Khanzada, Rashed Bhayya, Ahsan Warsi, Rasheed Naghar, Suhail, Ejaz Qureshi, Yousuf, Babli, Zubair Qureshi, Babar, Nauman, Khalid, Faisal and Shalamar because they had also chanted slogans in favour of Mr. Hussain. The law enforcement agencies have also booked them in fake cases on baseless charges of creating unrest and panic through aerial firing.
The MQM Convener Nusrat strongly condemned the law enforcement agencies for venting out their grudge against the innocent Mohajirs at the behest of PIB Gang. The PIB Gang has gone wild and is shamelessly sharing information with the LEAs so as to facilitate them for an easy prey. The LEAs have so far kidnapped thousands of MQM workers, who are not yet produced in any court of law and the arrested workers have also been denied of their basic human rights of defending them in any court of law, which highly condemnable. The number of MQM workers under enforced disappearances is increasing every day.
He said that the LEAs had a few days ago arrested MQM Gulshan-e Iqbal Sector and killed him in detention.  Ahmed Ali Baig, who is engineer by profession, was kidnapped by the LEAs on Dec 30, 2017 and has not yet been produced in any court of law. Though a constitutional petition jas been filed in court concerned by his mother but the LEAs have not yet produced hi, in court. An elected Union Council Chairman Muhammad Farooque was also kidnapped by the paramilitary Rangers and he too, is not yet produced in any court. Three brothers of Farooque were assassinated by terrorists of Haqiqi group but the LEAs have not dared to arrest those Haqiqi terrorists but kidnapped him instead. His mother is under constant shock and is bed-ridden.
Three days ago, the paramilitary Rangers arrested APMSO Joint Sector in-charge from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and he, too, is now among the workers under enforced disappearance category.
The MQM Convener Nusrat while vehemently condemning the LEAs for their bias towards the Mohajirs, their arbitrary arrests and killings in detention and extrajudicial assassinations said that Pakistan is becoming unsafe at its boundaries from three neighbouring countries, India, Iran and Afghanistan and that the tension is highly escalated at the borders but ironically the security forces of Pakistan have totally ignored the mounting tension at borders and are busy in wildly chasing the Mohajirs and accelerating the pace of military crackdown against MQM by force.
The incumbent federal interior minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is grossly engaged in maneuvouring tactics for crushing MQM. He has lacked seriously to serve the country as federal interior minister and has focused on measures for crushing MQM, banning MQM. He is also engaged in leashing out the bloggers, journalists and social media activists for slamming Pakistani army, intelligence agencies and establishment.
The MQM Convener Nusrat said that the federal interior minister has dragged the country into a state of affairs that are worse than the dictatorial rule over the country. He might intimidate the masses for the time being but in the longer run of life, the hatred is occupying hearts and minds of the masses against the government, army and the intelligence agencies.
He stressed the country’s rulers to ponder upon their barbaric acts against the masses and should review their devastating policies.
In the end, he urged the MQM workers and Mohajirs to attentively listen to audio and video messages of MQM funder leader Mr. Hussain and remain united for their noble cause, the movement of their rights.

12/4/2021 8:16:10 PM