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MQM Convener Nadeem Nusrat demands immediate end to Military Crackdown against MQM, Mohajirs

MQM Convener Nadeem Nusrat demands immediate end to Military Crackdown against MQM, Mohajirs
 Posted on: 5/18/2017
MQM Convener demands immediate end to Military Crackdown against MQM, Mohajirs
“TTP spokesperson has been pardoned despite he killed hundreds - Army has to change its policy towards MQM”

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Pakistan Convener Nadeem Nusrat has demanded that the ongoing military crackdown against MQM should now be stopped and unlawful, undemocratic and dictatorial ban impose on MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain should be lifted at once. The disputes and issues should be resolved through dialogue rather than by using state powers and resources. Besides all ongoing atrocities and injustices, the authorities concerned that are bent on eliminating MQM have come up with a fresh but highly condemnable and shameful scheme of maligning MQM by fixing it in a baseless event of Top City Housing Society located in Islamabad.
He said this in a news conference held at the MQM International Secretariat. He was flanked by MQM Coordination Committee members Qasim Ali Raza and Mustafa Azizabadi.
He said that MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has time and again stated that any issue, small or big, can be resolved through peaceful dialogue, ignoring which and using state powers always result in havocs.
Nusrat said that when the Chief of Army Staffs General Qamar Jawaid Bajwah has open-heatedly admitted that many actions were wrongly taken so he should also dare to speak the truth that the military crackdown against Mohajirs and their sole representing party, MQM was also a wrong decision and hence he should immediately stop the ongoing military operation against Mohajirs and MQM. The mandate of MQM should be respected in letter and spirit. Undeclared ban on MQM without any lawful charge should now be lifted. MQM headquarters in Karachi should be handed over to MQM and the party should be allowed to work freely and that unethical, unconstitutional and undemocratic ban on MQM founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain should be immediately lifted.
The MQM Convener Nusrat said that when TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan, who butchered hundreds of children of the Army Public School in Peshawar and civilians in hundreds of terror attacks is being pardoned. On the other hand, MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has done nothing but is still a victim of state repression. Pakistan Army has to review and change its policies towards MQM.
He said if a slogan raised against Pakistan was wrong then how extrajudicial and custodial killings of innocent Mohajirs by the paramilitary Rangers may be taken as just and lawful. Can murder of a human be less condemnable than raising a slogan in protest only to show the flow of sentiments? Remember that the sanctity of life of a human is greater than the Kaa’ba, the ancient house on earth.
Nusrat slammed tactics of maligning MQM and Mohajirs and even today, the security forces are kidnapping Mohajirs and MQM workers on the pretext of their association with MQM London while the fact is that those arrested so far have never been in London in their lives.
The MQM Convener Nusrat said that besides all tactic of maligning MQM in baseless cases, the party is also being falsely connected to an incident of Top City Housing Society located in Islamabad, which is highly deplorable, condemnable and shameful. The allottees of that particular Society deserve the right to know about the real objectives behind raids by the paramilitary Rangers? Had Rangers raided that Society at the behest of the incumbent federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan? Was it lawful act of Rangers to raid a particular land and arrest the owner of that land and facilitate a gang of illegal occupiers of land of others to grab the possession of the land thus raided?
He said that the paramilitary Rangers are engaged in extorting hefty sums of money from arrested Mohajirs as they collect necessary information about their rich relatives so that they can also be arrested and demanded of huge sums of money for their safe release. The bribe and extortion culture is fast prevailing in lower ranks of the paramilitary Rangers as the Rangers personnel are in the garb of snap checking extorting money from bikers.

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