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Army has killed more than 25, 000 Mohajirs till date: Altaf Hussain

Army has killed more than 25, 000 Mohajirs till date: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/16/2017
Army has killed more than 25, 000 Mohajirs till date: Altaf Hussain
“UN should take stern notice of genocide of Mohajirs and try the perpetrators in International court of Justice - Of 199 countries, army dominates Pakistan as governing force, other countries own armies - Army has to engage for dialogue with Mohajirs, Pakhtoon and Balouch for their rights”

Pakistan Army, paramilitary forces and Police have killed more than 25, 000 Mohajirs. The United Nations while taking stern notice of that massacre of Mohajirs should take the case to International Court of Justice. The military establishment has to stop depriving Balouch, Pakhtoon and Mohajirs of their just rights under the constitution and must engage with them for dialogue towards resolution of their grievances. Pakistan Army has no option other than engaging it in dialogue with the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement so as to seek workable solution of the problem. The people of Kashmir have their just right for deciding about their future and the collective decision of the people of Kashmir should be respected and hailed for merger with Pakistan or India or prefer to keep their separate identity as independently sovereign state of Kashmir.
MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain expressed these views through video conferencing from party’s International secretariat in London. Millions of Mohajirs in Pakistan and across the globe watched it live over internet.
Mr. Hussain said that he never compromised on principals in past and would also never accept dictation or enter any deal with the forces of repression and would continue to struggling for the rights of Mohajir nation and other oppressed communities in Pakistan. Though the establishment declared him enemy of the country but who cares as the truth could never be concealed and it always finds its course of action.
The Punjabi establishment has treated Balouch, Pakhtoon, real Sindhi nationalists, tribesmen, Seraiki and Mohajirs as traitors. The Punjabi establishment had in past declared Bacha khan, Sain G. M. Syed, Nebob Akbar Khan Bugti, Sardar Ataullah Khan Mengal and Nebob Khair Bux Murri and now the Punjabi establishment is treating Altaf Hussain as traitor.
He said that Pakistan army and other law enforcing authorities have always been in action against the helpless and the indigent but they have always kept them aloof from the conglomerate of repressors, the Waderas and rural feudal lords and Sardars, despite knowing that they have their private prisons in which the helpless pheasants and crop growers are kept on demanding rights. Army or any other authority in Pakistan never dared to endeavour for making the imprisoned pheasants as free from private prisons. Instead, army has always supported and protected these tyrant masters of the poor. 
Mr. Hussain said that raising voice for the rights in Balouchistan has resulted in mutilated bodies and in tribal belt of Pakistan, the residential colonies are under constant bombardment and the innocent tribal families are targeted in the garb of action against Taliban. The atrocities on innocent Balouch and Pakhtoon people are highly condemnable. The Army has since 1948 used Tribal people as escape goats for all proxies in past but today; the Army is on a mission of eliminating them with sheer cruelty and insanity.
He said that the Army, paramilitary forces and Police have since 1964 till 2017 been carrying out genocide of Mohajirs and have so far killed more than 25, 000 innocent Mohajirs. The war crimes against Mohajirs are still rampant in Pakistan.
The MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain said that he has no right of forgiving the killers of Mohajirs as only the affected families can exercise such rights and as far as the extrajudicial assassinations of his brother Nasir Hussain and nephew Arif Hussain is concerned, he can only proceed for the forgiveness to their killers on approval of his sister-in-law Mrs. Nasir Hussain.
He categorically shunned the perception of criticizing common Punjabi people and said that he only talked about the ruling elite of Punjab. Punjabis criticized army and composed odes in army’s condemnation and Punjabi politicians had talked about invading Pakistan with Indian troops and artillery and that 93, 000 Pakistani troopers had surrendered to Indian General Arora Singh but they were never declared as traitors. Even today, the incumbent federal interior minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan vows to sternly deal with an iron hand those who would criticise any of the national institutions but despite violating and breeching the constitution by the Army, he dared not to speak even a single word in condemnation.
Saluting people of Kashmir, Mr. Hussain said that they have offered tremendous sacrifices. However, the Army and ISI and writers on the issue of Kashmir are simply filling in the blanks verbally as they are not with the affected people of Kashmir but duping them with hollow voices of support. Kashmir does not belong to India or Pakistan but the people of Kashmir are the sole owners of their motherland and they have the right of deciding about their future whether they love to live under the federation of Pakistan and get annexed to India or decide to keep its independent identity as autonomous state.
He said that the Army has from 1964 till 2017 spent billions on genocide of Mohajirs and if they could sanely spend those hefty sums of money on the people of Kashmir, the Kashmir could have now been a free state. The Army generals who claim to be shoulders to the Kashmiri freedom fighters created Haqiqi, a terrorist faction against MQM. The criminal elements that had penetrated MQM were expelled but the ex-ISI DG General Rizwan Akhtar, ex-DG Rangers Bilal Akbar and ex-Corps Commander Karachi general Naveed Mukhtar brought back the criminal elements from abroad and formed PSP. PSP has been fed with unlimited funds, luxuries. Had the Army remained neutral, MQM could prove an infallible support to Army on all fronts.
He asked the Army to prove any charge against him except that he always raised his voice for the rights of the oppressed communities in Pakistan including Pakhtoon, Seraiki, Hazarwal, Gilgit-Baltistani, etc; He never accepted perks and privileges for discontinuing his struggle for the oppressed and even that the Army tried to bribe him but failed in their crooked designs. Ex-Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmed had on Pakistani TV stations rebutted claims of accepting bribe and ex-COAS General Mirza Aslam Baig can be approached for confirmation. Ex-DG ISI General Hameed Gul who made a fuss in country is dead now or else he might also be approached for the truth.
The incident of May 12 is still in focus in media but the incidents of Aligarh and Qasba, Pukka Qilla and Hyderabad is purposely avoided as these incidents carried genocide of Mohajirs alone and none of the killers and planners of those massacres are so far taken to task.
Addressing the Army, Mr. Hussain said that he has never been enemy to the country nor would he be so except that he speaks the truth loud and clear. The Army has jailed a 70-year senile professor. Momin Khan Momin, a know rights activists and former Judge Sathi Ishaque have also been imprisoned and their families have been subjected to severe mental and financial torture. They should remember that God grinds slowly but surely. Ganges Kahn and Halaku Kahn are being cursed even today while Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson Imam Hussain is held with great respect and homage for his righteousness.
He said that the script written by Army had flopped on May 14th, which was meant for crushing MQM and the criminals elements who have been erected over night in form of PSP have fully been exposed as the elements of the PSP are wanted for their crimes such as unlawful occupation of others lands, extortion and other heinous crimes. People of Karachi hatefully rejected the Army sponsored PSP.
He asked the intellectuals, writers and columnists in Pakistan to have courage enough of asking the Army to explain from where the PSP got money. According to independent and reliable sources, the ISI has so far spent more than 50 billion on PSP to erect it as a party but all money went in vain. The ISI spent 25 million on making PSP’s million march a success but that too had flopped as Karachiites fully rejected it.
He said that oppressing communities is an act against the sovereignty of Pakistan. Atrocities should immediately be stopped and all Mohajirs and Balouch in enforced disappearances should be released and returned to their homes The establishment must learn that the time has come for ensuring equal rights to Balouch, Sindhi and Mohajir nations and all the differences and issues should only be settled through dialogue. The biased approach of the establishment can prove fatal to the sovereignty of the country. The establishment should also learn and realize that it can never damage the unity of Mohajirs and their love and devotion to their leader.
He said that the world is now taking Pakistan a country that is dominated by the Army as compared to 199 counties that keep their armies. Today, the United States of America and Europe are talking of the Durand Line and surgical strikes in Pakistan but Pakistan Army is making all manifest of courage in keeping a 70-year senile professor in jail. On the other, the killer of thousands of innocent Pakistanis; the disgruntled spokesperson of TTP Ehsanullah Khan Ehsan is being portrayed as hero in Pakistan by the Army establishment. The killer of Mashaal Khan, a student of Abdul Wali Khan University was allowed to escape from the country instead of arresting and taking him to task for murdering an innocent student. Father of Mashaal Khan and parents of slain children of Army Public School are being threatened of dire consequences. However, the notorious incumbent federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is making his best for keeping the facts about the killers of Mashaal Khan and Aftab Ahmed concealed.
Addressing the time serving sly cabal of PIB group under the aegis of Dr Farooque Sattar, Mr. Hussain asked them to be ashamed of disowning slain Aftab Ahmed, who was murdered in custody of paramilitary Ranges. No matter what the PIB gang poses today to have is only by the blessing of Mr. Hussain. The PIB gang should have some modesty to return what they have occupied but does not belong to them.
The MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain paid rich tribute to steadfast and devoted Mohajirs of Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, and other cities in Sindh.
Mr. Hussain asked the Mohajir students to never use unfair means in exams under any compulsion and focus on their studies, stay away from social evils and always pay respect to their parents, elders and teachers. Never indulge in any unsocial activities and never use any form of narcotics even tobacco, and other forms of tobacco.
The MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain said that Nelson Mandela was a great leader who suffered tyranny and injustices for 27 years and that he (Mr. Altaf Hussain) has also spent his 26 years in exile and the life in exile is worse than the one spent in prison.
He appealed to the lawyers’ fraternity in Pakistan that they should for the sake of humanity plead the cases of Mohajirs in jails and play their role for ending the injustice and speedy delivery of justice. 

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