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Unlawful detention of UC Chairman a manifest of open tyranny; says MQM Convener

Unlawful detention of UC Chairman a manifest of open tyranny; says MQM Convener
 Posted on: 5/9/2017 1
Unlawful detention of UC Chairman a manifest of open tyranny; says MQM Convener
“Paramilitary Rangers detained UC 23 Chairman Muhammad Farooque from his mothers on refusing to betray MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain - The military crackdown in Karachi is meant to eliminate Mohajirs and their representative party, MQM - Human Rights Organisations should raise their voices of concern of this state sponsored violations and repressions”

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Pakistan Coordination Committee Convener Nadeem Nusrat has strongly condemned the Paramilitary Rangers for arresting of Muhammad Farooque, an elected Chairman of Union Council – 23 in Korangi area of Karachi.  The Paramilitary Rangers had raided the house of his mother located in Gulistan-e Jauhar on Monday night from where the Paramilitary Rangers had arrested him and shifted him to an undisclosed location.
The MQM Convener said that the UC-23 Chairman Farooque has been engaged in serving the people of UC-23 without any discrimination but the paramilitary Rangers arrested him on refusing to change his loyalty with his leader Altaf Hussain. There is a long chain of such loyal and devoted followers of Altaf Hussain, who are in unlawful detention of the Paramilitary Rangers because they refused to join anti-MQM and anti-Altaf Hussain factions, which have been created by the military establishment. These detainees have been subjected to vehement mental and physical torture and they have been implicated in fake cases.
He said that arresting MQM workers and loyal affiliates of MQM is a state sponsored scheme for awarding punishment for their unshaken support to MQM. This nefarious agenda of the state of Pakistan is a real portrayal of absolute tyranny and injustice, which is for crushing the MQM and hence the military launched a deceptive and fierce crackdown on MQM and Mohajirs in the garb of eliminating the terrorists and for the prevalence of peace and tranquility in Karachi.
Nusrat demanded that UC-23 Chairman Farooque and others should immediately be released and the process of arbitrary arrests of MQM workers should be stopped now.
While drawing attention of human rights organisations across the globe, the MQM convener Nadeem Nusrat appealed to them that they should take notice of arbitrary arrests of MQM workers, enforced disappearances and gross human rights violations by the Paramilitary Rangers and play their dynamic role for their safe return to their homes.

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24 Sep 2022
24 Sep 2022