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MQM decides to distance from TROs Alliance

MQM decides to distance from TORs Alliance
 Posted on: 8/17/2016
MQM decides to distance from TORs Alliance
KARACHI, 17-08-2016:
The Senior Deputy Convener of Muttahida Quami Movement Amir Khan presided over an emergency meeting at MQM’s headquarter Nine-Zero to discuss various ongoing issues, especially illegal raids and arrests of party workers, government and oppositions’ reactions over such violations rights of the Urdu-speaking community.
The meeting reviewed all the issues thoroughly and reached at a conclusion that the government and the opposition had put no ears on Muhajirs’ issues and sufferings. It was said that the raids and arrests became routine phenomena of the Rangers, police and law enforcement agencies, while the political, financial, educational and physical killings were also continued.
The Senior Deputy Convener said that the rights of Muhajirs were being violated by some conspiring elements among the authorities, especially ban on media appearances of MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain and debarring the political activities of MQM. He said that even in the opposition alliance on TORs against the Panama Leaks, no voice was raised against the discrimination with Muhajirs.
The meeting then decided to distance from opposition alliance on TORs and asked its representatives to leave the alliance against the government. It also decided to launch a peaceful way to protest against the ongoing biased operation in Karachi. It also condemned the illegal raids and arrests of the workers and supporters, meanwhile QeT Altaf Hussain approved all the decision were taken in the meeting.

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