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MQM has zero tolerance against crime: Rabta Committee

 Posted on: 8/16/2016
MQM has zero tolerance against crime: Rabta Committee
KARACHI, 16-08-2016:
The members of the Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement Mehfoz Yar Khan Advocate, Gulfaraz Khan Khattak and Sathi Ishaq Advocate said that MQM had zero tolerance against crimes.
Addressing at a joint-press conference, they said that MQM merely demanded to present its workers within 24 hours before the court to declare their alleged crimes. They said that MQM was not a criminal gang and it was sheer violation to torture the arrested workers.
They said that yesterday night the law enforcement agencies raided a fire-brigade station at Sohrab Goth area and arrested government employees from there. They said that it was clear dishonesty to book those innocent fire-fighters in the fake cases to just victimize MQM.
The MQM leaders said that the son Muhammad Miraj Khan and son-in-law Zafar Khan of the member of Central Executive Council Mrs. Zahida were arrested by the LEAs and transported to some unknown locations. They said that the state-run operation was targeting MQM and its workers since 2013 but the workers showed the character against all types of discriminations and suppressions.
They said that the politically victimized workers should not be tortured by the law enforcement agencies because the constitution did not allow anyone to manhandle any of the detainees. They said that the government and the authorities should follow the constitution in prior to implement on others and the institutions treated themselves above all the law, should not forget the history of perpetrators.
Talking on the occasion, Sathi Ishaq said that the ongong operation was merely to arrest MQM’s innocent workers and to murder them in extra-judicial killings because the crimes seemed remain same. He said that the street crimes and snatching were increasing day by day despite so-called and well-advertised Rangers operation in the city.
He said that after Quetta incident and responsibility claimed by a local religious group affiliated with TTP, the operation was intensified in Karachi and the innocent citizens were being mentally tortured on the road. He said that the ongoing operation had an agenda to eliminate MQM politically and its mandate should be suppressed.
Member CEC Mrs. Zahida informed the journalists at the press conference about the raid at her house that the Rangers stormed at her door in the early morning and arrested her son Muhammad Miraj Khan, a student of British university. She said that her son-in-law Zafar Khan, nothing to do with MQM, was also arrested on 11th March.
She appealed the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif to take action against the incident and if her son got involved in any criminal activity should be punished. She said that if he was found innocent should immediately be released and the culprit involve the conspiracy to book him in fake cases should be punished.

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