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Another MQM worker Waheed Shiekh died in custody due to torture and ill treatment by LEA in Karachi

Another MQM worker Waheed Shiekh died in custody due to torture and ill treatment by LEA in Karachi
 Posted on: 8/7/2016 1
According to details Rangers arrested Waheed Shaikh on March 17, 2016 during a raid at MQM office in Shah Faisal Colony Karachi. 

After badly torturing Mr Waheed Shaikh for days during illegal detention, Rangers transferred him to Central Jail, Karachi. 

Mr Shaikh, a diabetic patient with various health issues, never recovered from torture and his health condition kept deteriorating in prison. 

Following multiple requests from MQM lawyers and elected representatives, jail authorities finally shifted Mr Shaikh to prison hospital, but his condition didn't improve. Given his worsening physical condition, the family of Mr Shaikh requested jail authorities to shift him to a major hospital, particularly in the wake of a wound on his leg. Their requests, however, were turned down. 

During his routine visit to Central Jail hospital, the prison magistrate noticed seriousness of Mr Shaikh's medical condition and ordered jail authorities to transfer him to Jinnah Hospital. He was eventually transferred to Jinnah Hospital two weeks ago but could ever recover as it was too little too late. 

Mr Shaikh was administered an injection this morning after which his condition worsened and he passed away within few hours. 

We believe that Mr Shaikh's death is extrajudicial murder of an innocent person who was subjected to illegal and inhuman treatment by Pakistan's law enforcement agencies, including Rangers and prison authorities. We believe Sindh's biased and racist anti-Mohajir government is equally responsible for Mr. Shaikh's untimely and unwarranted death in custody as it has consistently failed to provide justice to MQM and its workers.

12/5/2021 3:07:40 PM