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MQM presents Wasim Akhtar’s letter denying statements about 12th May

MQM presents Wasim Akhtar’s letter denying statements about 12th May
 Posted on: 7/27/2016
MQM presents Wasim Akhtar’s letter denying statements about 12th May
KARACHI, 27-07-2016:
The Deputy Convener of Muttahida Quami Movement Kanwar Naveed Jameel presented a hand-written letter of nominated-Mayor of Karachi Wasim Akhtar unfolding the conspiracy to convict him for 12th May 2007 incident through a planned media trial.
Addressing to a press conference at MQM’s headquarters Khursheed Begum Secretariat, Kanwar Naveed strongly denied all the news and confessional statements about May 12th incidents on media by nominated-Mayor Wasim Akhtar. He said that the Wasim Akhtar had handed over his hand-written letter to the legal penal after hearing about his confessional statements.
Showing the letter to media, he said that he confessed nothing but retreated his previous statements demanding a full-judicial inquiry about the incident to reach the underneath truth to stop the blaming politics. He said that he also demanded the media houses to verify the news prior to relaying it.
Naveed said that Waisim Akhtar also appealed the Karachiites and the nation not to believe in ongoing false and baseless propaganda by the media. He said that he strongly condemned the conspiracy to convict him in fake cases despite MQM was the first political party then demanded to announce a judicial inquiry on May 12th incidents.
He said that within the last two months, two army personnel, international personality Amjad Sabri were brutally murdered and the son of sitting Chief Justice of High Court was abducted under the nostril of the Rangers and Sindh police. He said that the police and the Rangers more likely seemed doing their political assignments rather beefing up the security needed.
Kanwar Naveed said that it was ridiculous even to think about the allegations posted on Wasim Akhtar that he ordered to kill the people. He said that it also reflected none seriousness of the police and Rangers official regarding to tackle the terror menace in the city.
He said that whenever the performances of the Rangers and police were being questioned they abruptly reacted against MQM and started a media trial against it. He said that it indicated another conspiracy against MQM propagating fake confessional statement of Wasim Akhtar through media release.
He said that after passing time, the Karachiites gradually conceiving the idea of being citizen of an occupied territory because the Rangers were given authority to manipulate the rights of the people in Karachi only. He said that neither army establishment nor political leaderships wanted to discuss any single issue that was terribly being faced by the Karachiites.
Kanwar Naveed said that all the planned crimes, including cold-blooded massacres against Urdu-speaking and Muhajirs were deliberately undone by the authorities and all the investigations and reports were closed for proceedings. He said Wasim Akhtar would be nominated-Mayor of Karachi and all his confessional statements and fake cases would soon be unfolded before the nation.

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