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Altaf Hussain condemns Indian barbarism in Kashmir

Altaf Hussain condemns Indian barbarism in Kashmir
 Posted on: 7/14/2016
Altaf Hussain condemns Indian barbarism in Kashmir
LONDON, 14-07-2016:
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain strongly condemned the killings of Kashmiri people by the firing of Indian occupied forces and demanded the United Nation to conduct plebiscite in Kashmir according to the its resolution and wish of the people.
Addressing to the workers and office-bearers of USA and Canada, MQM Chief said that MQM strongly condemned any suppression and discrimination carried out by any state, group or gang. He said that he and his party would always raise voice against practices and would always offer sympathies to the victims.
Mr. Hussain said that for last several days the occupied forces continuously carried out its cruelty and barbarism against the innocent Kashmiris and almost killed more than 30 Kashmiris civilians. He said that MQM always advocated UN’s resolution about Kashmir to conduct plebiscite in the valley to give people right to decide their fate.
He said that the Kashmir issue could never be solved neither by Pakistan nor by India and could only be resolved by the people of Kashmiris according to people’s wish. He said MQM always endorsed UN’s resolution about Kashmir and people should be given to live with freedom.
Mr. Hussain said that UN Chief Ban Ki Moon should also take notice against extra-judicial or custodial killings of MQM workers by the paramilitary Rangers in Karachi. He said that since 2013, the Rangers brutally murdered 61 MQM’s workers in extra-judicial killings and more 150 workers were still forcefully disappeared after their arrests.
He pointed out that the Rangers conspicuously targeting MQM in Karachi in the name operation against criminals and UN should come forward and probe against the accusation of extra-judicial killings by the paramilitary Rangers. He said that the UN should also play its due role to provide relief Muhajirs or Urdu-speaking community of Pakistan, especially in Karachi against cruelty and barbarism of the Rangers.
MQM Chief said that he and his party strongly condemned the Indian occupied forces cruelty in Kashmir while being treated same in Karachi by the Rangers. He also advised MQM workers and office-bearers to inform international community and organizations about ongoing discrimination and suppression against Muhajirs.

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