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Altaf Hussain laments on Edhi’s death

Altaf Hussain laments on Edhi’s death
 Posted on: 7/9/2016 1
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain expressed deep sorrow and grief over the death of internationally famed social activists Abdul Sattar Edhi.

In a statement issued from London Secretariat, MQM Chief said that Edhi had great pain of humanity and was always ready to serve his fellow beings. He said that since his early age, he started social work and helping others selflessly that lately was become a gigantic organization of human welfare.

Mr. Hussain said that the Edhi Foundation was not only working in Pakistan but also expended its operation to save or rescue humanity beyond the boundaries. He said that he was indeed one of the beacons of humanity ever lived and no doubt Pakistan was deprived of its true son and the softest image.

He said that his departure left a huge gape behind him and may Allah provide his alternate one of the most discriminated nations in the world.

He said that he started his social work by picking abandoned corpses from the streets of Karachi and burying them to graveyards. He said that he also built a huge fleet of free ambulance services and wished to build a standard free hospital to every 500km for poor Pakistanis.

MQM leader appealed the people to ensure a huge participation in Edhi’s funeral to pay true tribute to the ever great fellow countryman. He also appealed people around the country to perform his funeral in absentia to a deserving man who always ready to serve humanity selflessly.

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