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Kamalay party providing MQM workers lists to Rangers

Kamalay party providing MQM workers lists to Rangers
 Posted on: 6/20/2016
Kamalay party providing MQM workers lists to Rangers
KARACHI, 20-06-2016:
The Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement said that the bunch conscious-ridden people had been providing the lists of MQM workers to the Rangers and LEAs to arrest them and during the illegal arrest they were forced to leave MQM and join the so-called Kamaly party.
In a statement, the Coordination Committee said that after failure to destabilize and weaken MQM, the Establishment-backed conspiring elements providing lists of MQM workers and office-bearers of UCs and towns. It said that they were threatened to be killed in fake encounters or in extra-judicial killing if not to join the Kamalay party.
The Committee said that at one hand MQM workers and office-bearers were being arrested by the Rangers and police while at other the Kamalay party was being facilitated to open new office in MQM’s majority areas. It said that the conspiring elements were discriminating the fellow Muhajirs and their rights. It said that they could never be any way beneficial to the nation and Muhajirs also understood their malice agenda given by their patrons.

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