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Altaf Hussain demands fair treatment in extra-judicial killing of Aftab Ahmed

Altaf Hussain demands fair treatment in extra-judicial killing of Aftab Ahmed
 Posted on: 6/11/2016
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said that at least 59 MQM workers were brutally murdered in extra-judicial killings in Rangers and police custodies since the Karachi operation was started in 2013.
Addressing to the participants of a function organized by All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization (APMSO) on the occasion of its 38th Foundation Day, MQM Chief appealed to the CAOS General Raheel Sharif to take appropriate action against the perpetrators involved in such heinous crime of custodial killings then the entire Muhajir nation would always salute you. He said regardless their links and positions all the officials crossed their due limits should bring before the justice for their criminal activism.
Mr. Hussain said that currently some elements from security agencies continuously pressurizing MQM workers and office-bearers to join the so-called establishment backed Kamaly party to get a clean chit for their alleged crimes. He said that rather engaging such criminal elements the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) should come step ahead and shake hands with MQM to benefit the country.
He said that for God sake, did not treat MQM or Muhajirs as Pakistan’s foes but should meet and discuss issues to resolve to go forward from the deadlock. He said that just sat and discussed issued Muhajirs were neither foreigner nor enemies were to harm the country.
Meanwhile, talking on the occasion, MQM Chief Mr. Hussain thoroughly felicitated all the workers and office-bearers of MQM and APMSO on 38th foundation day of it. He lamented it was unfortunate enough that the manipulated history was being taught by the scholars at all level of education and Pakistan Studies were the prime example of it.
He said while the youth is in a dire need of knowing the original truth of the history of Pakistan and what Muhajirs sacrificed for its formation and development in early days and how their children were being deprived of their essential rights despite their unprecedented sacrifices. He said Pakistan history is being manipulated and mostly made it more Punjab centric then the reality.
He said that only Quaid-e-Millat Khan Liaquat Ali Khan deserved the sideline photo place with Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and regardless scholarship and poetic importance, Sir Allama Iqbal had no such participation in Pakistan movement and it was absolute false claim that he ever dreamed about or proposed Pakistan. While, the movement leaders, including Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and his services to educate the Muslims of sub-continent was inevitable, and Maulana Hasrat Mohani was the most sufferer among his fellows for Pakistan’s struggle.
MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain asked the workers of APMSO that either they stayed home safely or followed the footprints of their ancestors who founded Pakistan for themselves fighting with the gigantic and the then superpower England. He said he had been eliminating the criminal elements from MQM, involved in nepotism, corruption, encroachment and China-cutting while the so-called patriotic establishment gathered all those criminals at a bungalow in Khyban-e-Sahar to make an anti-group.
He said that three days ago, the house of MQM Parliamentary Leader and veteran politician Dr Farooq Sattar was illegally raided and their family was deliberately harassed by creating a drama from the Rangers as they knocked the door hitting with the riffles and boots. He said that few weeks ago his political Coordinator Aftab Ahmed was brutally murdered in an extra-judicial and custodial killing by the Rangers.
Mr. Hussain said that the Rangers or law enforcement agencies were responsible to arrest the criminals and bring them before the court to decide his conviction but Aftab Ahmed was brutally tortured in the custody and succumbed to death due to inhuman torture by the Rangers. He said if the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif take notice against all the extra-judicial killings of MQM workers and the perpetrators would be given due punishment then the entire Muhajir nation would always salute him.
He said that internationally Pakistan continuously got alienated while the Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi was given very well welcome by the American Congress and during his speech to the Congress, he was well applauded. He said that the Americans were reluctant to give six F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan and announced to transfer F-16 jet’s technology to India.
He said that the Karachi operation lost its credibility after the Lyari gang-war leader was respectfully released by the law enforcement agencies. He said that some elements in the law enforcement agencies involved in human rights violation and extreme suppression to the Muhajirs.
He said MQM’s innocent workers and supporters were being arrested and extra-judicially killed in LEAs’ custodies and nobody even wanted to listen to our plea but Allah would decide once. He addressed to the Army that for God sake Muhajirs were not enemy of them and should hold talks if anyone had any grievances against them.
MQM Chief said that it was not a good practice to arm the so-called Haqiqi terrorists and give them license to kill Muhajirs or MQM workers and supporters. He demanded that the Rangers personnel involved in Aftab Ahmed’s extra-judicial killing should be trailed openly and their names and picture should also be published in national dailies.
He also addressed to the PPP leadership, especially Asif Ali Zardari and Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah to support MQM local bodies’ representatives and allowed them to serve the people and maximize their amenities. He said that if the PPP leadership would support MQM, it would support them when they needed most.
Finally, he taught the workers of APMSO that his philosophy was nothing but rallied on practicalism and realism integrated with loyalty and dedication to the cause. He urged them to get rid of all fear and work hard with novel commitments and dedications that would ultimately bring their destination and only those could reach the point of success who suffered for it.

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