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Altaf Hussain slams terrorism in US-city Orlando

Altaf Hussain slams terrorism in US-city Orlando
 Posted on: 6/13/2016
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Altaf Hussain strongly condemned the incident of brutal killings of innocent civilians by the armed terrorists in American city of Orlando.
Addressing to a gathering on the occasion of 38th Foundation Day of APMSO, MQM Chief said that the elements involved or supported the killings of innocent civilians were doing nothing good to Islam but denting the soft image of the religion. He categorically termed the incident extremely painful and shocking for the entire humanity.
Mr. Hussain said that initially it was informed that Mateen Umar, an American citizen of Afghan descent  linked with ISIS, entered into a night club and opened indiscriminate firing that left nearly 53 people dead and dozens injured. He said that the cold-blooded murdered should be condemned unanimously throughout the world and such barbarism could not be tolerated in civilized societies.
He offered heartfelt condolences to the incumbent USA President Barak Obama and the people of grieving nation on the occasion of sorrow and pain. He also offered his sympathies to the bereaved families of the victims and prayed Almighty Allah to give them courage to bear the loss.
Mr. Hussain said it was most unfortunate fact that the Charlie Hebdo incident, Madrid terrorism, 7/7 London incident and 9/11 World Trade Centers’ terror activities were conducted by the Muslims. He said that today’s terror incident also caused 53 precious human lives who just ordinary civilians when the terrorist massacred them.
He also expressed his deep regret that Pakistan had so far been one of the safe havens for ISIS, Al-Qaida, Taliban and other banned-outfits’ terrorists, and most of their terror activities were devised and exported from there. He said that some religious elements had been trying to manipulate the innocent youth of the country and trained them for terrorism in the name of Islam.
MQM Chief Mr. Hussain appealed to the Pakistani youth not to become puppet in the hands of such extremists and kept them away from any act of barbarism. He said Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and taught the faithful to pay due respect to the humanity. He urged the youth to defeat such elements and their malice designs to defame Islam and Muslims among the nations.

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