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Enraged Baloch should be solaced: MQM Quetta

Enraged Baloch should be solaced: MQM Quetta
 Posted on: 6/4/2016 1
The members of Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement Shabbir Qaimkhani and Aslam Afridi said that Balochistan was full of natural resources and people’s sufferings reflected serious incompetency of managing the natural wealth.
Addressing to the General Workers’ Meeting of MQM Quetta Zone, they said that the inherent or family politics had ruined the democratic norms of the country. They said that the inherited people came into the politics to enhance their business empire and protected each other stakes.
They said that the use of force against Baloch would damage the country’s stability and the only solution to resolve all disputes was to hold talks with the enraged people went out to the hills. They said that MQM was the only representative of the 98 percent of unprivileged people.
They said that Altaf Hussain’s philosophy gradually reached remote areas of the country because people found MQM was the only solution to their unsettled issues. They strongly condemned the abduction of Lord Mustafa Tareen’s son Asad Khan Tareen and demanded the authorities to immediately recover him.

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