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Altaf Hussain endorses sit-in protest at Rangers’ HQs

Altaf Hussain endorses sit-in protest at Rangers’ HQs
 Posted on: 5/31/2016
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said that he would endorse the decision of all communal entities to stage a peaceful sit-in protest in front of Rangers Headquarters in Karachi.
Addressing to the participants of sit-in at Mirpurkhas Press Club, MQM Chief said it never happened anywhere in the world that if a political leader was not favorite for the Establishment then imposed media ban on him. He said that such practices could be witnessed in dictatorial societies not in democracy.
He said that all the poor and peasants of Sindh had decided to peacefully protest against the illegal and arbitrary arrests of MQM workers and supporters at the Rangers Headquarters in Karachi. He said that like 70 years ago the people of Sindh and Balochistan were still serving the feudal lords and tribal leaders.
He said the so-called Sindhi nationalists exploited the rights of poor Sindhis and received luxurious bungalows and vehicles. He said that the discriminating elite of Sindh had bought sugar mills and built factories in expense of Sindh card while the poor and peasants were in the same condition.
MQM Chief said that once Sain GM Syed said in function that if anyone could emancipate the people of Sindh from the clutches of feudal lords, he would only be “Altaf Hussain.” He said that people who visited GM Syed at that time in the hospital could endorse his claim because he never lied.
He said that the population had been increased enough to create at least 15 more provinces in Pakistan to decrease corruption and nepotism. He said that some conspirators continuously propagated against his legal and constitutional demand to create new provinces or administrative units.
He said that he never demanded to divide Sindh but just said to make Sindh into two parts as Sindh-One and Sindh Two. He said that Sindh-One would be the most developed part of the country and would support all the communal entities without any discrimination and prehudices.
He said the suppression with poor Sindhis is debt to him and whenever he gets chance to pay back he will return all the debts to the discriminating elements. He said that people who had been dreaming to eliminate MQM from political scenario would soon be vanished.
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