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Sindh Govt ruining the people in Karachi: Designate Mayor Waseem Akhtar

Sindh Govt ruining the people in Karachi: Designate Mayor Waseem Akhtar
 Posted on: 5/21/2016
There is heap of garbage at every nook and cranny of Karachi while sewage overflow has become the new identity of this city of Karachi once known as city of lights and this entire nuisance is because of Pakistan People’s Party-led Sindh government which has crossed all limits. It seems as if there is no authority that could hold Sindh government as accountable for this entire shameful situation. People of Karachi are starving of potable water, public and private passenger transport has become an ancient tale and the electricity supply is off the grid for more than the half the hours in a 24-hours cycle.
The Karachi’s designate Mayor Waseem Akhtar said this while talking to the news reporters at Hussain Ibrahim Sports Complex (Eidgah Ground) in Federal B Area in Karachi Saturday. He was flanked by designate Chairman of the district municipal corporation Central Rehan Hashmi, MQM Central Executive Committee member Moeed Anwar and designate Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of the union councils in Karachi.
The mayor of London took charge of his office just after seven hours of his elections but the Mayor of Karachi has been kept in waiting to take charge of his office as the Mayor of mega city of Karachi even after the passage of seven months and God knows well as when this wait would come to an end.
Pointing at the heap of garbage inside the Hussain Ibrahim Sports Complex (Eidgah Ground), the designate Mayor of Karachi said this is the real portrayal of Karachi which is the economic hub and revenue engine of Pakistan adding more than 75 percent of country’s total income.
He said that the PPP-led Sindh government is apparently making all efforts to inflict political damages to the MQM but in fact the people of Karachi are the actual affected of the atrocities and tyranny to the hands of the provincial government.
There are two large political parties in Pakistan which enjoyed powers multiple times but contrary to their claims these two larger so-called prodemocracy political parties never held local bodies elections and the recent local bodies elections were a result of straight orders of the apex court of the country.
The people of Karachi are anxiously waiting to see the elected Mayor and his team starts resolving their civic problems at their doorsteps.
It is sad to tell that the election commission of Pakistan (ECP) has given the schedule of elections of Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Chairmen and Vice Chairmen for the consecutive third time on May 4, 2016, he said adding that in fact, the ECP is misguiding the higher court as well because the ECP did not raise any objection when the independent candidates who have won their seats in local government elections moved higher court.
He said that it is not the MQM alone but the independent candidates also want to take charges of their offices so as to start serving their voters and the people alike.
The designate Mayor said that the matter of fact is that this entire havoc has emerged after the PPP-led Sindh government placed all local government departments under its administrative and financial control.
He said the PPP did not have a good intention to see the port city of Karachi and its people in comforts because they do not have any interest in resolving the civic issues of the people. The PPP-led provincial government is wreaking havoc on the people of Karachi simply on the basis of simple majority in the Sindh Assembly.
The designate Mayor of Karachi urged upon the President, Prime Minister, Chief of Army Staff, Supreme Court and Sindh High Court to intervene and seek explanation from the Sindh government and play their role for functionalising the local government.
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