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APMSO Chairman condemns defiant predecessor for false allegations

APMSO Chairman condemns defiant predecessor for false allegations
 Posted on: 4/13/2016
The Chairman All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization  (APMSO) Sarfaraz Ahmed Siddiqui categorically rejected all the malice tactics of the conspiring elements to change their loyalty with MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain.
Addressing to a press conference at Karachi Press Club, the APMSO Chairman strongly condemned the fabricated accusations posted by the former defiant APMSO Chairman Waheed-uz-Zaman. He said that the so-called leaders of Kamal and Company Wasim Aftab and Dr Saghir Ahmed patronized him under MQM’s capacity.
He said that Waheed was naturally culprit and due to his incompetency, the entire cabinet of the then APMSO was terminated and he was expelled out for his immoralities. He said that recently he joined Kamal and Company and seemed the yeast was finally come to settle with its genre.
Sarfaraz Siddiqui also rejected such bogus and baseless propaganda carried out against AMPSO was absolutely ridiculous. He said that we had been his colleague for long and it was our responsibility to let the nation know about his immoral character and corrupt nature.
He directly addressed him and said the nation yet not forgot you and your patrons, including China-cutting King Wasim Aftab and Dr Saghir Ahmed, so do not pretend to be saint or pious. He said that he was given a grade-18 post in KPT but he was rusticated from the post because of the fake degree.
The APMSO Chairman said the AMPSO, since its inception has been promoting middle and lower-middle class students to come forward and explore their potentials. He said that such malice designs to pervert young students, especially APMSO workers from their path to struggle for rights.
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