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Afshan Imran joins MQM with her colleagues

Afshan Imran joins MQM with her colleagues
 Posted on: 4/11/2016
Former Sindh MPA of Pakistan Muslim League-Q Afshan Imran announced her joining with Muttahida Quami Movement along with a delegation comprising of PML-Q vice-President Ghulam Hussain Atta, GS Gul Rani and more than 200 workers and office-bearers at a press conference at Nine-Zero, Azizabad.
Addressing to the press conference, Afshan Imran said that it was MQM Chief’s charismatic leadership and vision that compelled people to join MQM. She said that she had been thinking to join the struggle for the rights of the people after the interparty cleanliness in MQM from the elements involved in China-cutting and encroachment.
Ms Afshan Imran categorically rejected the allegations posted on MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain and termed them false and bogus. She said that all the newly-joined members of MQM could spare no stone unturned for spreading the philosophy of MQM and its chief.
She said that their addition in MQM indeed the endorsement of Mr. Hussain’s political vision and people now thinking to join MQM after such cleanliness drive. She said that MQM Chief had been striving for the rights of the people and fighting against the prevailing status qua of the country.
Meanwhile, the MQM leadership thoroughly welcomed the delegation led by Ms. Afshan Imran at Nine-Zero and appreciated their commitment to serve people through politics. Talking on the occasion, the nominated-Mayor Wasim Akhtar said that today’s joining of new members of MQM simply denial all the false allegations of Mr. Hussain.

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