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Regret any comments that might have hurt any institution of the armed forces. Altaf Hussain

Regret any comments that might have hurt any institution of the armed forces. Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 2/27/2016

The founder and leaderof MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that the misunderstandings which have arisenbetween Mohajirs and the army must be cleared in thegreater national interest. “I regret any comments, though unintended, in myspeeches that might have hurt the feelings of any institution of the armedforces or its officer and offer my apologies,” he added.

He said, “MQM is readyto extend all kinds of support to the military leadership of Pakistan forbringing peace and stability in Karachi. It would also extend its support tomake Pakistan including Sindh corruption-free as it is in the nationalinterest.”

Mr. Altaf Hussainexpressed these views while addressing a joint meeting of MQM’s Supreme Counciland Co-ordination Committees of London and Karachi. Party’s Convener NadeemNusrat and deputy conveners were also present in the meeting.

Senator Barrister FaroghNasim and the participants and discussed national and international political situationincluding Karachi and Sindh with Mr Hussain.

Addressing the meetingMr. Altaf Hussain said, “the relations between the armed forces of Pakistan andMohajirs were exemplary since the creation of Pakistan. It has been arelationship of love and cooperation. Unfortunately, misunderstandings havebeen arisen in the past few years. It is in the best interest of the nation andcountry that these misunderstandings are cleared.”

Mr. Hussain praisedthe efforts of the armed forces for eliminating terrorism during Operation Zarbe-Azab.He has directed MQM leaders to extend their help and support to law enforcementagencies for the elimination of terrorism from the country, especially for restoringpeace in Karachi.

He said, he has beenthe well-wisher of the military leadership and has always held them in highesteem. ““I regret any comments, though unintended, in my speeches that mighthave hurt the feelings of any institution of the armed forces or its officerand offer my apologies. Similarly, MQM holds the apex courts of the countries andtheir judges in high esteem.”

Mr. Hussain said, “MQMstands shoulder to shoulder with the army in the national interest. The countryfaces external and internal threats. Considering these threats we should putaside our past and work together in the greater national interest. MQM is readyto play its positive role in this regard.”

Mr. Hussain reiteratedthat the Co-ordination Committee and MQM’s Supreme Council have a mandate tomeet with people of these institutions for the restoration permanent peace.

Mr. Hussain expressedhis concern over the way Sindh Government is curbing powers of local bodies inSindh, deteriorating civic structure as well as water and electricity crisis inthe urban areas of Sindh.

He directed MQM’sSupreme Council and the Co-ordination Committee to start cleanliness campaignin Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur Mirpur Khas and other urban centres on self-helpbasis.

He directed electedrepresentatives to work day and night for the provision of civic amenities amd improvementof water, traffic and roads in their constituencies.

Mr. Hussain condemnedthe delay in the elections of Mayor and Deputy Mayor and Sindh Government’sattempts to reduce the powers of local bodies in Sindh.  He directed the Co-ordination Committee tomeet with religious and political leaders, members of civil society, diplomatsand media representatives and apprise them of injustices being committed with urban areas of Sindh. 

9/18/2021 9:47:09 AM