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The London Metropolitan Police returns Altaf Hussain’s passport

 Posted on: 2/16/2016
The London Metropolitan Police has returned the passport of Mr. Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement and lifted the ban on his travel.
The statement issued from London Secretariat said that the passport was seized during the investigations of money laundering case against Mr. Hussain. But after the bail cancelation on 2nd February 2016 his passport was also returned and was also allowed to move freely, it added.
Meanwhile, the news of his passport return was instantly viral through social and other mediums and people around the world, especially his workers and followers received the news with extreme happiness. The felicitation messages are being received from the people through fax, emails, telephone calls, tweets, and other means at Karachi and International Secretariats. The messages also carry well wishes of Mr. Hussain’s health and pray for his long life.
Meanwhile, the Senior Deputy Convener Amir Khan, Deputy Conveners Kahiful Wara, Syed Shahid Pasha and Nasreen Jalil said in a joint statement that the entire nation was in extreme joy after receiving the news of MQM Chief Mr. Hussain’s passport return. They said that a visit was being planned after lifting his travel ban and he would probably visit Middle East, Europe and America.

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