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Ominous warning: Altaf Hussain tells citizens to 'stock up on food'

Express Tribune, Ominous warning: Altaf Hussain tells citizens to 'stock up on food'
 Posted on: 2/17/2016
Courtesy Express Tribune
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By Rabia Ali Published: February 17, 2016

KARACHI: In a rather ominous warning, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain has asked the nation to be cautious as “something big” is likely to take place in the next few days.

The announcement comes following the retrieval of the MQM supremo’s passport on Tuesday following cancellation of bail in a money laundering case earlier this month.

Urging citizens to prepare themselves for what might be coming, MQM supremo Altaf Hussain said, “The next 15 days are very crucial.”
“Citizens should stock up their homes with food and necessary items. They should take precautions while going out,” Altaf Hussain warned.

Responding to Altaf Hussain’s prediction, party spokesperson and Rabita Committee member Aminul Haque told The Express Tribune,  “The change can either be political, climatic or of any other sort.” However, Haque did not delve into further details about the MQM chief’s warning.

“Whatever the MQM chief has predicted during his struggle of 38 years has come true,” Haque added. The MQM leader further said the party would now sit together and decide what to do next.
Following the forecast, the Rabita Committee in Pakistan and London held an emergency meeting and decided to appeal to the public by sending a statement to the media. The party appealed to the nation to take precautionary measures while leaving their homes and to pile up food, medicines and other necessities.

The party has also issued a statement which states that MQM leaders have already discussed the political situation of the country and as well as the possibility of natural disasters.

“Altaf Hussain had already predicted about the dangers of Taliban and ISIS in Pakistan, but instead of taking the threats seriously, he was made fun of,” the statement read.

“The next 15 days are very critical and therefore the party would play its role in spreading the message of Altaf Hussain,” it added.

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