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Pakistan should be neutral in ME conflict

Pakistan should be neutral in ME conflict
 Posted on: 1/15/2016
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said, “Suadi Arabia, Iran and Syria all are brethren and respectable countries, and Pakistan should play a moderator role in Middle-East conflict.”
Talking to gathering on the occasion of Mahfil-e-Zikr-e-Mustafa, MQM Chief said that any controversial involvement in the issue could bring miseries to the country. He said that Pakistan had still been receiving the bad consequences of the cold-war involvement in term of seminaries all over the country.
He said that the cold-war opponents were non-Muslims but the 34-Nation Alliance was comprised of Muslim countries. He said that the government should not indulge in any conflict because Pakistan had already been facing menace of terrorism and extremism.
Mr. Hussain said that through ISIS, an international conspiracy was devised to create differences between Shia-Sunnis. He said that it was time to reject all such tactics and should response with unity and brotherhood.
He said, “Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is for the benefit of entire humanity and not for Muslims only. He said that it was time to promote the practice of Muhammad (PBUH) to create tolerance and respect in the society. He said, “We should promote his Sunnah and tell the world about his acts of mercy.”
MQM Chief said that Muhammad (PBUH) taught his followers to pay due respect to the teachers and elders, and should also serve the parents. He appreciated the management of Milad committee and Hyderabad Zonal Committee for organizing such an esteemed function.

9/22/2021 12:57:09 AM