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People deny ISIS existence should be ashamed: Nadeem Nusrat

People deny ISIS existence should be ashamed: Nadeem Nusrat
 Posted on: 1/14/2016
The care-taking Convener of MQM Coordination Committee Nadeem Nusrat strongly criticized the elements denying the existence of ISIS after the outfit’s increasing influence in terror activities in the country.
In a statement issued from London Secretariat, MQM Leader said that such elements should be ashamed after ISIS’s claims for current wave of terror activities, especially in Karachi and Islamabad. He said that it was only MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain, who always warned the nation against such social menace in prior.
He said that Mr. Hussain informed the people years before about the Talibanization in Pakistan, especially in Karachi. He also pointed out their pockets and hideouts but the then political and religious leaderships made fun of him.
Nadeem Nusrat said that nearly one and a half year before, MQM Chief informed the nation about the recruitments of ISIS for terror activities in a press conference. He said that rather taking action against those criminals involved in the recruitments, the federal and provincial governments categorically denied any existence of the terrorist outfit in the country.
He said that for promoting the truth and reality, Mr. Hussain was illegally banned on media. He said that the heedless rulers now forced to admit the existence of ISIS menace when it openly took responsibilities of various terror attacks in the country. He said that the government should utilize the political vision and foresightedness for prosperity of the country.
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9/23/2021 4:45:13 PM