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PPP intrigues against MQM: Altaf Hussain

PPP intrigues against MQM: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 1/11/2016
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said while addressing to his workers and supporters that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has been devising shameful tactics to eliminate MQM from political scenario.
In a statement issued from London Secretariat, Mr. Hussain said that wherever MQM succeeded in LG elections, the PPP was trying to use all malice tactics to annoy the locality. He said that PPP made alliance with MQM rival parties, including Jamaat-e-Islami to dent MQM.
He said that the PPP implemented its intrigue to harass Karachiites illicitly for casting their votes to MQM. He said that the entire urban population of the province was being targeted by the PPP led Sindh government and people were deprived of drinking water, sanitation facilities and proper road networks.
Mr. Hussain said that at other hand, PPP kept registering fake cases against the nominated Mayor and Deputy Mayor to threaten MQM representatives. He said that the 10th January statement of Chief Minister unambiguously stated his connivances, “The Rangers operation is good in the beginning but it is made controversial when it comes to PPP.”
He said that the Coordination Committee of MQM should react positively as it had been leading up to the front to tackle such conspiracies before. He said that MQM workers and supporters should be informed and aware of actual situations. He also directed the Coordination Committee to announce peaceful rallies against the PPP and provincial government immediately.
Meanwhile, The Care-Taking Convener of Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement, Nadeem Nusrat said that MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain truly represented the voice of people of urban Sindh while unfolding the malice intentions of PPP.
He said that the PPP shamefully victimize the entire population who voted for MQM in the local government elections. He said that MQM was ready to portray the real face of PPP led provincial government and would immediately start a series of protest rallies against such conspiracies.
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