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Army should end misgivings about MQM: Altaf Hussain

Army should end misgivings about MQM: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 12/8/2015
Army should end misgivings about MQM: Altaf Hussain
Address to the newly elected local government representatives
Karachi: 9th December 2015.
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said the army should end misgivings about MQM. “We assure the army that the MQM would stand in the way of any hand wanting to harm the army. Let’s become friend for the sake of country. Let’s save the country and make it prosperous.”
“We believe in the policy of live and let live and want to resolve all issues peacefully.”
He was addressing the newly elected local government representatives on the occasion of the day observed to express thanks on the historic success of the MQM in local government elections. Members of Co-ordination Committee, Central Executive Committee, and office-bearers of different wings were also present on the occasion.
Mr Hussain said the political and military leadership had declared categorically in the All Parties Conference that action would be taken against terrorism across the country but this operation had shrunk to Karachi alone.
“We supported operation in Karachi as we also want peace in the city. But the question is if the law and order situation was worse in Karachi and better in Lahore. Was the situation better in Peshawar and Quetta? Did the incidents of kidnapping for ransom and murder in these cities not exceed Karachi?”
Mr Hussain said thousands of MQM workers had been arrested during the operation but have the criminals sending extortion slips to businessmen been arrested?
“In spite of the operation the MQM got historic success in the by-election for NA – 246 and the local government elections.”
Mr Hussain congratulated the newly elected representatives. He asked them and MQM office-bearers to remove all banners and posters themselves instead of waiting for the municipal department for making city beautiful and clean.
He asked the elected councillors, vice-chairmen and chairmen to serve the people without any discrimination.
He asked them to improve public facilities, water supply and collection of refuse.
Mr Hussain said the mayor should be empowered in order to enable him to serve the city and its people.
Mr Hussain urged the representatives to serve the people on merit instead of following personal likes and dislikes.
He said that the population of the country had greatly increased and hence it was necessary to make new provinces for better governance.
He made it clear that if a province consisting of urban areas of Sindh is created, it would be home to all ethnic and linguistic entities and they would have equal rights.

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