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Attackers on military police in Karachi do not want to see democracy and positive change: Altaf Hussain

Attackers on military police in Karachi do not want to see democracy and positive change: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 12/1/2015
MQM will make Karachi a model province
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said those who attacked the personnel of military police near Tibet Centre in Karachi did not want to see democracy and a positive change in the country.
“These elements want to perpetuate the feudal system and uncontrolled capitalism that has gripped the country for the past seventy years allowing protectors of dynastic politics to bring their children in power.”
He was addressing election rallies in Shah Faisal Colony, Malir and Baldia Town simultaneously on telephone. Thousands of people including women, children and elderly attended the election rallies.
Mr Hussain strongly condemned the incident of terrorism near Tibet Centre in Karachi and expressed his grief and sorrow at the martyrdom of two military police personnel.
“It is being said on television channels that this attack could be a retaliatory action against Zarb-i-Azb or the Karachi Operation. Biased people cannot throw dust in the eyes of the world by levelling such shameful allegations on the people of Karachi.”
“Earlier they tried to implicate the MQM in the Baldia Town factory tragedy. Some analysts and anchor persons tried to blame the Safoora Chowrangi incident on MQM. When the actual perpetrators were arrested it was found that they had connections with Jamat-i-Islami and its student wing Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba. But no one is ready to utter a word on this link.”
Mr Hussain said local government elections were deliberately not held by democratic governments because the feudal lords do not want to share power with poor people whom they treat as herds of animals.
“They feudal lords do not want to devolve power to grass roots levels and they use people for their preserving and perpetuating their menacing hold on power.”
He said that no government paid attention towards solving problems of people living in Baldia Town, Malir and Shah Faisal.
“Conspiring elements kept these areas disturbed and murder and lawlessness was deliberately allowed to continue instead of building schools and hospitals in these areas. People remained deprived of peace, good education and healthcare facilities.”
“MQM has been facing operation since 19 June 1992. People living in Baldia Town, Malir and Shah Faisal have particularly faced injustices committed by the state. Thousands of workers were martyred, many workers were made to disappear and thousands were forced to leave their homes.”
“People and workers of MQM deserve praise for their determination and unflinching loyalty to the MQM.”
Mr Hussain said hurdles were created in the way of the MQM during the 2013 general elections.
“MQM was not allowed to run its election campaign. Its offices were attacked with bombs but people made MQM candidates successful with their votes. Despite this the MQM mandate is not being accepted even today.”
Mr Hussain said the Karachi Operation was launched to rob the MQM of its public mandate.
“MQM has knocked at every door for getting justice but no one is ready to hear the entreaties of poor people. No political or religious party has raised its voice on the injustices being committed against the people of Karachi during the ongoing operation.”
Mr Hussain said, “I am away from my people for the past twenty five years but I am not away from their hearts.”
Mr Hussain said MQM will bring resolutions in the National Assembly and the Provincial Assembly for making twenty provinces in the country for good governance.
He assured people living in Karachi that they would have equal rights in the new province and merit would be the sole criteria for appointments.
He said we would make Karachi a model province where people would enjoy peace, stability, progress and prosperity.
Mr Hussain appealed people to cast their vote on 5th December and make MQM candidates successful. 

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