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MQM Co-ordination Committee condemns the raid at Korangi Sector Office

MQM Co-ordination Committee condemns the raid at Korangi Sector Office
 Posted on: 11/25/2015
MQM Co-ordination Committee has strongly condemned the raid conducted by Police and Rangers at the MQM Korangi Sector Office and termed it a part of the vicious conspiracy to rob the public mandate of the MQM.

The Co-ordination Committee said MQM workers in Korangi Sector were busy in preparing for the upcoming local government election in Karachi when a heavy contingent of Rangers surrounded the sector office and adjoining areas. They entered the office and arrested fifteen MQM workers including sector in-charge Waseem Shama, finance secretary Asghar Yaqoob, other members of the sector committee and workers.

The Co-ordination Committee said similar raids had been conducted at MQM sector offices in Malir, PIB Colony, Liaquatabad and other areas. MQM workers and candidates for the local government elections had been arrested in these raids.

The Co-ordination Committee said that the MQM was not being allowed to run its election campaign in Karachi while even banned outfits let alone political and religious parties were running their campaign without any hindrance.

The Co-ordination Committee said the repressive power of state was being used to keep MQM out of local government elections in Karachi in order to impose Jamat-e-Islami and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.

The Co-ordination Committee declared that people in Karachi were aware of the hidden motives behind the action against the MQM and they would not let the conspiracies to succeed.

The Co-ordination Committee appealed to Chief Election Commissioner, Chief Justice Supreme Court, PM Nawaz Sharif, and COAS Gen Raheel Sharif to take notice of the raids at MQM offices in Karachi and order for release of the arrested workers and office-bearers.
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