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Local Bodies elections to be Peoples referendum: Farooq Sattar

Local Bodies elections to be Peoples referendum: Farooq Sattar
 Posted on: 11/8/2015
The local bodies polls on December 05 would be the Peoples referendum and MQM would emerge victorious, said Dr Farooq Sattar, senior MQM leader addressing a mammoth gathering at Fresco Chowk, Burns road sector here the other night.
This big gathering stamps victory for Mutahidda Qaumi Movement. After the Dec 05 elections Karachi would be transformed into cleanest city f Asia, he said assuring more supply of water, establishing institutes with an aim of providing employment to the people making people of this city self-reliant. He warned that if government and administration failed in providing more water to city, outbreak of communal violence looms ahead. He asked the people to get united under the banner of MQM which promises to provide 500 MGD water to Karachi in next one year. He hoped that MQM would sweep the local bodies elections after which Mayor would be made " powerful ". We would see Altaf Hussain and his speech on telvisions on Dec 05, he said. 
Waseem Akhtar, Incharge of Central Executive Committee (CEC) MQM told the voters that MQM has selected its candidates on merit unlike other political parties who awarded tickets to their relatives. It’s now two years MQM was targeted and accused of crimes of all kinds but the people would vote for us in unprecedented numbers negating the propaganda that MQM men are agents of RAW but are patriotic citizens.
Haider Abbas Rizvi, MNA and member CEC in his address said that a eight member alliance would fail in defeating MQM's candidates. He criticized the local bodies ordinance and said it may be used to steal the mandate of MQM.

9/28/2021 11:39:35 AM