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We will continue to fight our legal battle in courts: Altaf Hussain

We will continue to fight our legal battle in courts: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 11/3/2015
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said we will continue to fight our legal battle in courts. Our lawyers are looking into the order passed by the Supreme Court.
“MQM workers should not get disappointed on the ban placed on my speeches and statements. They may stop my speeches on television but they cannot chain my thoughts and ideology.”
He said this while addressing the Co-ordination Committee, elected representatives, and office-bearers of different wings of the MQM via video link. The address of Mr Hussain was relayed in USA, Canada, Belgium, South Africa, Norway, Australia, Sweden, UK and some other countries.
Speaking about the proceedings in the Supreme Court on his appeal Mr Hussain said, “Earlier the Supreme Court had observed that the restraining order passed by the Lahore High Court was for fifteen days only which had lapsed. Despite this the Supreme Court has sent the case to the Lahore High Court.”
“Leading lawyers appeared for me in the court but they did not speak like the additional attorney general of Nawaz Sharif government. The additional attorney general spoke at length in the Supreme Court and said that it was an issue of national dignity. He said the issue related to treason. Instead of merely banning speeches of Altaf Hussain, the MQM should be outlawed and finished.”
“The additional attorney general stopped short of saying that the Urdu-speaking should be bombarded and finished once and for all.”
“Where should I go if I do not get justice from the highest court of the country? Nevertheless we will continue to fight our legal battle in courts till end.”
“They can ban my speeches on television but they cannot ban my thoughts and ideology. One who gives an ideology can be imprisoned but his ideology or philosophy cannot be chained as ideology.”
“Will it be called lawful if the law enforcement agencies kill innocent people by subjecting them to brutal torture after arrest? They banned my speeches when I denounced this illegal act. I will not bow before injustice.”
Mr Hussain asked MQM workers and office-bearers to dedicate their energies to local government elections.
Mr Hussain said thirteen people were gunned down during the local government elections in Khairpur but no curfew was declared and no house to house search for recovery of weapons was conducted.
“Houses in Karachi are raided regularly on the pretext of recovering weapons. Armed clashes occurred between PML (N) and PTI during the local government elections. Several people died in these clashes but neither the army was sent nor house to house search was conducted for recovering weapons.”
“It is height of injustice that the Karachi is being singled out for taking action against people driving vehicles without a license. It would have been a just action if it were implemented throughout Pakistan. People are being threatened that they would be sent to jail if they did not obtain license within one month.”
Mr Hussain said, “A conspiracy was hatched to implicate the MQM in the Safoora tragedy but the attackers were arrested and it was discovered that they belonged to IJT. These arrested IJT terrorists had joined ISIS. The possibility of ISIS in the ranks of files of IJT cannot be ruled out.”
Mr Hussain asked the workers to work selflessly as thousands of people have sacrificed their lives for the movement. “Serve the people instead and take decisions on merit instead of personal likes and dislikes.”
Mr Hussain prayed Almighty Allah to accept the sacrifice of the martyrs and strengthen the MQM.
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