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Altaf Hussain's Address To Annual Convention Of MQM USA

Altaf Hussain's Address To Annual Convention Of MQM USA
 Posted on: 8/2/2015 1
Addressing MQM’s Annual Convention in the US city of Dallas via telephone, Mr. Altaf Hussain said that changes are being witnessed fast around the globe and opined that ‘Greater Balochistan’ and ‘Greater Pukhtoonistan’ will be created while Karachi would be the headquarter of ‘Greater Punjab’, he added.
Mr. Hussain further said that the biased elements in the ‘Establishment’  have decided to eliminate those Mohajir youths who are raising their voices  for their due rights. These biased people also have decided to force Mohajirs for slavery.
He directed the party workers to reach NATO and United Nations headquarters and apprise them about the atrocities being committed on Mohajir community and request them to send their forces to enquire about the real facts regarding the massacre and killings in Karachi.
He further said that whenever, party workers in Pakistan and all around the world would give green signal  then the MQM would officially demand  for the creation  of a separate province for Mohajirs.
The proceedings of the convention and Mr. Altaf Hussain’s address was aired and telecasted in Pakistan, Britain, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Far East and many other countries of the world through MQM Web TV.
Mr. Hussain congratulated the party workers and supporters all around the world on the 19th annual Convention of MQM. He said that the number ‘19’ has much importance in the history of MQM. He said MQM is a party which cannot be neutralized even by the entire world community.
He said that he is striving for the rights of oppressed and suppressed people since last 37 years and had faced hundreds of fake charges for his struggle. He said he had also been sent to jail thrice but nothing came into his way which could stop him from fighting for the rights of the poor and needy people. He said that on the wishes of ‘Establishment’ about 150 fake cases were registered against him all over the country within no time. He said that one can easily understand by such activities that Altaf Hussain Fears the five Lakh Army or the five lakh army fear Altaf Hussain.
He said that he had made mistake in the past by saluting the armed forces and asked forgiveness from Almighty Allah .
MQM Chief directed party workers to write letters to US newspapers and make them aware of the actual situation in Pakistan.
 He regretted that in the second World War the Sikhs, Hindus and Christians denied to open fire on ‘Kabatullah’ but this army of Muslims opened fire on the orders of Englishmen. He said that he would never accepted the sanctity of such an army which opens fire on ‘Kabatullah’, kills innocent Bengalis of their own religion and had gang raped over one lakh Bengalis women and make them pregnant. In the era of General Yahya the Mohajir bureaucrats were sacked from their services by this army which also killed Quaid-e-Azam by giving slow poison and also killed Fatima Jinnah. In General Ayub’s era over one thousand Mohajir bureaucrats were scked from their services with a single stroke of the pen and to make the Mohajir community weaker in the filed of economy Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto  and Army Generals took over the industries, and educational institutions of Mohajirs through their nationalisation policy. And after few years these institutions wer auctioned and privatised and instead of being returned to their real owners these institutions were given the nephews, nieces, near and dears ones .
Citing the example of a news published in a renowned newspaper The Times on Jan 8, 1965 in which dozens of Mohajirs were killed and tortured by Gohar Ayub Khan son of General Ayub Khan just for favouring Fatima Jinnah.
He said that the biased people are propagating that Karachi situation has been worsened since the MQM came into being but they never discuss anything when the Mohajir localities were raided in 1965. He said that his age was 12 when this happened had the elders of the community taken courageous step  at that point of time the Mohajirs would be living in such deplorable and miserable conditions.
Mr. Altaf Hussain said that Karachi operation was conducted in August 2013  and today in 2015  and in these two years thousands of innocent MQM workers and supporters had been arrested, and hundreds were tortured and made crippled. Whereabouts of dozens of workers are still unknown while  a large number of party workers were killed in front of their families and their bodies were thrown in different areas.
The Rangers received over  R.s one billion as bribe  for releasing the MQM workers, he added.
He asked the participant of the convention that they would have seen the pictures of Rangers raid at ‘Nine Zero’  that how they raided  and the very next day how they presented the innocent people like the ‘prisoners of war’ before the courts.
He said even the Indian army had not done such insulting treatment with the Pakistan Army in 1971 when 93 thousand army men were made prisoners of war .
Mr. Hussain said that he is not against anybody and all the oppressed and suppressed Punjabi, Baloch, Sindhi, Pukhtoon, Kashmiri, Saraiki, Hazarwal and other communities are my brothers  and will remains as brothers in future too.
He said that in 1973 Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in connivance with the Army imposed quota system in Sindh province which is still imposed after a passage of about 42 years. He said Mohajirs are being subjected to different type of torture and insults in their own country. 
He said the religious extremism is being fanned in the country and after the organisations like al-Qaeda, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, and other now the Daesh(IS) organisation is overtaking all of them with a view to impose their religious thoughts all over the world.
He said that the sons and daughters of those who sacrificed everything for the creation of Pakistan are being treated like outsiders. Calling the attention of senior Mohajirs, Mr. Hussain said that during the last 37 years of struggle of Haq Parasti over 25 thousands of party workers, and supporters have been killed by Army, Rangers and Police.
He said that the millions of Mohajirs could hold demonstration in front of White House and United nations to register their protest and apprise the entire world community over the atrocities being committed on Mohajirs.
Altaf Hussain asked MQM workers to continue movement for respectable life of mothers, sisters and daughters even if he was murdered.
He dismissed money laundering charges and said all the bank accounts in London had been frozen and they were surviving in difficult situation.
Terrorism is biggest threat for Pakistan, he asserted and added that the organizations banned by Interior Ministry are still operating in the country.
Mr. Altaf Hussain said that bank accounts in London are frozen and the movement is passing through acute monetary constraints and asked the party workers to send to send donations as much as they can spare. He prayed to almighty allah for his help and congratulated the Central Organiser of MQM America Junaid Fahmi , Central Organising Committee and the members of all chapters of American states  on making the annual convention a complete success
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