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MQM worker Waseem Dehlvi was arrested from his home

MQM worker Waseem Dehlvi was arrested from his home
 Posted on: 6/3/2015 1
Waseem was killed in custody because of brutal torture
MQM workers Waseem Dehlvi who lost his life as a result of brutal physical torture in police custody was arrested on the intervening midnight of Monday and Tuesday from his home.
According to details, a large contingent of police raided Waseem’s house in Baldia Town No 3 on the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday. The raiding party also contained plain clothes personnel.
The police first arrested Waseem’s servant from outside his and beat him severely. They arrested Waseem and his two brothers Muhammad Naeem Dehlvi and Adil Dehlvi and shifted them to unknown locations.
Family members of Waseem contacted police officials to know as to which agency had carried out the raid and arrested the three brothers, but they were not given any information.
Waseem was subjected to inhuman torture in custody continuously due to which his lost his life today on Wednesday morning. There are visible marks of torture and his head and other parts of Waseem’s body.
Waseem was an active worker of Unit 117 of Baldia Town Sector of the MQM. He was 40 years old.
He is survived by his widow and three children. His children include his four-year-old son Nasir, two-year-old daughter Zainab and a six-month son Subhan. He had four brothers and three sisters.
Police had also raided the house of another worker Irfan belonging to Unit 116 of the Baldia Town Sector.
Special Teams of PS Baldia Town and PS Site in plain clothes carry out raids on the houses of MQM workers and sympathizers and demand bribes for releasing innocent people.
Sixty MQM workers have been arrested in the month of May alone. Most of the arrested workers are missing, and no agency is accepting their arrests.

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