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Public Referendum conducted on Thursday to seek public opinion to join or not to join the Sindh Government

Public Referendum conducted on Thursday to seek public opinion to join or not to join the Sindh Government
 Posted on: 6/20/2013
MQM's Referendum 2013-Karachi
MQM's Referendum 2013- Hyderabad
MQM's Referendum 2013-Mirpurkhas
MQM's Referendum 2013-Shikarpur
MQM's Referendum 2013-Sukkur
A “Public Referendum” was conducted throughout the Pakistan by Muttahida Quami Movement on Thursday 20th June 2013 to take a decision whether to join the government or not in the light of the result of the Referendum.
Electoral camps were established by the different wings of MQM in different parts of the country Sindh including Karachi, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtun khawa, Gilgit Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir.
The Referendum process started at 9.00 Am and ended at 5 pm without any break. A large crowd was present on different camps of the public Referendum. Old people, women, youths, students, MQM workers and people from different segments of life belonging to all the nationalities and communities participated in Referendum to cast their votes by standing in long queues.  The facility of MQM online website was also launched in order to know the public opinion in this regard. Whereas people expressed their opinion through the facility of SMS as well whether to join or not to join the Sindh government. The facility of modern “digital voting” or “electronic voting” was also provided to the people to involve them in the decision making process. The central camp of public referendum was established at the headquarter of MQM Nine Zero where people in large number were reached since early morning to exercise their right and to express their opinion, the process of voting continued till late evening. 
On this occasion the Deputy Convener of MQM Central Coordination Committee Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqi visited the camp of public referendum and addressed a press conference. He expressed pleasant surprise over the millions of people’s participation in this Referendum.
The Central Coordination Committee announced the end of public Referendum at 5 pm ballot boxes were also opened on the occasion. The process of the counting of the votes had been started to collect the public opinion. The results will be announced later.

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