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PPP Delegation Visits Nine-Zero and Calls for Unity as a Need of the Hour

PPP Delegation Visits Nine-Zero and Calls for Unity as a Need of the Hour
 Posted on: 6/16/2013
A three-member delegation of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) headed by Senator Rehman Malik reached at Muttahida Qaumi Moment’s (MQM) headquarters Nine-zero here at Azizabad to meet with the deputy convener of MQM’s coordination committee Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and other party representatives including members of coordination committee. In a meeting followed by a press conference Rehman Malik –on behalf of party leadership- officially invited MQM to join PPP in provincial government. While MQM on this occasion responded that the party will consider the offer as agenda item in coordination committee meeting and would also take it to the masses including workers and supporter of the party across Sindh to check their pulse over this move and then will eventually decide in the best interest of Sindh and Pakistan.
The meeting was attended by the members of coordination committee Kanwar NaveedJameel, AshfaqMangi, Khalid Sultan, Adil Khan, Mian Atique, parliamentary leader of MQM in national assembly Dr. Farooq Sattar, opposition leader in Sindh assembly Faisal Sabzwari and parlimentarian  laedar of mqm in Sindh assembly Sardar Ahmed while the PPP delegation included Rehman Malik, PirMazhar-ul-Haq and MakhdoomKhaleeq-uz-Zaman. The delegation discussed joining of Sindh government by MQM, the sensitive situation in Karachi and Balochistan, local body government system, increasing influence terrorist in Karachi, the overall political, social and economic condition of the country and on issues of mutual interests. The representation from both sides also prayed for the eternal peace for the departed souls of both Ziarat and Quetta incidents including the workers of MQM martyred by gang war criminal and other  and prayed to Almighty Allah to give strength to family to endure the great loss of lives .
In a press conference followed by a meeting, deputy convener of coordination committee Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that PPP has extended them the invitation today to formally join PPP in Sindh government and that they will take them to take this offer to workers and general public and whatever feedback vibes we get from the masses in the highest interest of Sindh and Pakistan, we will let the PPP know and take the decision accordingly. He said that the channels for consultation always remain open in politics and MQM will abide by its promise to strengthen democracy. He said that they have also discussed the tragic events of Ziarat and Quetta and have also sent the message to the provincial government about the abduction and extra-judicial killing of MQM’s workers and supporters across Karachi and have also pledged the government of Sindh and President Asif Ali Zardari to take concrete steps for the immediate recovery of eight missing workers and save lives of the workers and supporters. He said that regardless of MQM position in legislative assemblies, their role would always be in the highest interest of Pakistan and that MQM has never compromised on its principle stance. However, even if MQM is sitting on opposition benches as of now, our prime concern remains the abduction, torturing, target killing and extra-judicial killing of MQM’s office bearers, workers and supporters.
The leader of PPP Senator Rehman Malik on this occasion spoke to media and said that his leader Asif Ali Zardari came to Nine-zero five and a half years back with the message of friendship and reconciliation and on this foundation both parties worked in collaboration both in center and in Sindh. He said that the friendly relationship of Asif Ali Zardari and Altaf Hussain that started from Nine-zero, strengthen the democracy and because of the very strength we have witnessed general elections after five years and that is why PPP is here at Nine-zero with an invitation for MQM to formally join Sindh government. He denied rumors that MQM was already joining the Sindh government and said that we have just extended our invitation today and now we will wait for MQM’s response. He further said that Karachi has been victimized by lot of mafias and as per his knowledge the Sindh government was preparing comprehensive policy to combat these issues and also mentioned that PPP has no relation with Peoples Aman Committee (PAC) whatsoever and time will prove that the Sindh government will take due action against different mafias and PAC. He showed his concerns and said the recent tense situation both in Karachi and Balochistan was not good for the country and nation would have to show unity to discourage the forces that are engaged in disintegrating the country. He said that PPP assures this to the federal government if it takes any action to eradicate terrorism from Pakistan, the PPP would show full support. He said that both PPP and MQM have suffered badly because of terrorism and every single day people are killed in Karachi and termed the recent killing wave in Karachi as random killing and not target killing.
Mr. Malik said that to bring peace in Karachi and to strengthen the economy of Sindh and Pakistan and to end all differences, both PPP and MQM need to work in collaboration and the nation wants us to coup with the challenges collectively and solve all the issues including actions against terrorists to save the lives of innocent people in the city. He said that matter of financial compensation for the martyrs of MQM has been discussed with the Chief Minister Sindh and hope that not only a judicial inquiry would be set up for this but the families of the deceased would also be compensated.
Finally Mr. Malik said that Altaf Hussain is a brave and visionary leader and has a very important role in the politics of Pakistan and he prayed for the end of terrorism for the, partnership of MQM and PPP for strengthening the democracy and also prayed for those forces that are against Pakistan to be guided on the right path.
While speaking to media PPP leaders PirMazhar-ul-Haq and Makhdum Jameel-uz-Zaman said  both PPP and MQM has given sacrifices and the unity is the need of the hour both in the interest of Sindh an democracy. They said that they were democratic people and believe in the politics of reconciliation that they think will allow both parties to work more efficiently for the development and prosperity of the province Sindh.

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