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MQM USA Workers, supporters and office bearers protests killings of colleagues in Pakistan

MQM USA Workers, supporters and office bearers protests killings of colleagues in Pakistan
 Posted on: 6/6/2013 1
MQM demonstrated many protests in different big cities of USA including Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Huston against the unannounced operation, brutal and extra judicial killings and kidnapping of its workers. Protestors were attended by MQM North America’s in charge Ebad-ur-Rehman, Central organizer Junaid Fehmi, joint central organizer Mohmmed Arshad Hussein, Nadeem Siddiqi, Members central organizing committee, chapter in charges workers, supporters and manyPakistanis.  Protestors were carrying banners, placards, flags of Pakistan and MQM. Protestors were raising slogans against the state cohesions, atrocities and extra judicial killings of party workers. They were carrying the placards condemning the killings of the detained party workers under the custody of law enforcement agencies, recovery of missing workers and office bearers and slamming the unannounced operation in Karachi. While addressing to the participants MQM central organizer Junaid Fehmi and incharge of North America Ebad-ur-Rehman demanded an end to the genocide of Urdu speaking people in Karachi and unannounced state operation and extra judicial killings of its workers.  They condemned the assassination of the innocent people in recent wave of terrorism against MQM and declared it as a planned conspiracy to crush the MQM which is a representative of deprived and suppressed class in the Pakistan They appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take immediate suo motto action against those law enforcement officials who are involved in the heinous activities of arrest and killings of the party workers.
5/17/2021 10:07:49 AM