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 Posted on: 4/16/2012


Three Day Book Fair Organised by Nazeer Hussain University

Federal Minister for Overseas and Deputy Convener Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Dr Farooq Sattar has reiterated his stance that people from the poor and middle classes should come forward if they want to cleanse the government.


He was speaking to the media on the concluding day of a three-day book fair being organised at the newly-inaugurated Nazeer Hussain University on Monday.
The people should reject the feudals and vaderas in the next general election if they really wanted to get rid of unemployment, poverty and inflation and get elected a leadership belonging to the poor and middle classes.


He was critical of the feudal system that only allowed the richest belonging to their class to get elected to the National Assembly, Senate and provincial assemblies of the country, whereas people from the poor and middle classes regardless of their abilities and competence were deprived of reaching the power corridors.
The MQM has the honour as being the only political party that has sent educated and competent youth from the middle class and poor background to parliament, he said. “It was not an easy task.” The party had struggled hard and as a result thousands of its workers had been murdered, but with the blessings of Allah Almighty, the MQM activists faced these hardships and despite the unfavourable circumstances continued to struggle tirelessly for the abolishment of the corrupt political culture in the country, he added.


“Today the vision of Altaf Hussain is spreading throughout the country,” Sattar said and appealed to the people to join the struggle for the abolishment of the medieval feudal system from the country and support the MQM for the betterment of Pakistan.


Without acquiring knowledge and technology Pakistan could not be made a sovereign and autonomous state, he remarked. The MQM’s top priority was imparting education to the students and creating political awareness among them, he said.


The founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah created Pakistan through the vision and support of the students of Aligarh University. He urged the students to come forward for the prosperity and development of the country.


Sattar was of the view that five percent of the GDP of the country be allocated for education and the people would reject those who fail to do so. The establishment of Nazeer Hussain University by the MQM chief was aimed at providing better education to the poor people.


Now the policy to adopt a school and college of the MQM was continuing and with this process, he said, they would succeed in achieving 100 percent literacy rate in the city. On the one had, he said that the extremist elements were conspiring against peace of the city, while on the other holding of a book fair proved that the MQM wanted to create a congenial atmosphere and strengthen Pakistan. The MQM wanted religious and sectarian harmony in the country, he added. 

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