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altafAltaf Hussain asks sectors to recommend one name each for the Co-ordination Committee

Altaf Hussain asks sectors to recommend one name each for the Co-ordination Committee
 Posted on: 5/24/2013
The person recommended for the Co-ordination Committee should be educated and honest
London: 24th May 2013
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has directed workers and office-bearers of the party to recommend one name from their respective sectors for the Co-ordination Committee. Recommendations should be made purely on merit and the person recommended by sectors should be educated and honest having the ability to read, write and speak in Urdu and English languages. He should also have a good family background. The names should be submitted to the provisional Co-ordination Committee.

Mr Hussain warned the sectors and units against forwarding any name on the basis of nepotism and friendships. He asked them to refrain from lobbying for anyone and warned that if someone tried to bring forward people of their own liking and if it was proved after an inquiry, they would have no relations with him. He said workers lobbying for anyone should not attend the General Worker’s Meeting of the MQM on Sunday.

Mr Hussain said that the environment affects a person and it is because of their human weaknesses that they lose sight of their ideology and start advocating for the environment in which they are assimilated. He said that he had given numerous lectures on human weaknesses and warned that the workers would lose him if they did not improve. He said that he would go into oblivion and no one would hear anything about him if the workers and office-bearers did not listened to him.

Mr Hussain directed the workers and office-bearers not to maintain any contact with the workers who have been suspended or expelled from the party. He asked them to desist from engaging in any altercation with the suspended or expelled workers. He warned that the party membership of the workers violating these instructions would be revoked.

Addressing the provisional Co-ordination Committee and the dissolved Co-ordination Committee, Mr Hussain said that if anyone is assigned any responsibility at any place, they should follow the directions and discharge their responsibilities whether they like it or not. Otherwise they would have the option to resign from the party.

He said that the office-bearers of the MQM should consider the requests of the dissolved Co-ordination Committee for returning in the party if they brought improvement in themselves.

Mr Hussain made it clear one again that there was no room for anyone in the MQM dealing directly or indirectly in plots, houses, and lands.

Talking to members of the provisional Co-ordination Committee Gulfaraz Khan Khattak, Yusuf Shahwani, Iftakhar Randhawa and Muhammad Ashfaq Mangi, who are representing the four provinces, he said that they should not be filled with pride at not being removed from the Co-ordination Committee. He asked them to work with humility and work with extra dedication in the current difficult times. He said that it would be better for them to sit in their homes if they are not able to discharge their responsibilities amicably.

Mr Hussain said that if the members of the erstwhile Co-ordination Committee who had worked with him for 30 to 35 years had been wakeful, the MQM would not be passing through the current painful situation.

He said it would be better to stop the movement altogether instead of allowing a handful of people to revel in pleasure at the expense of thousands of martyred workers.

Mr Hussain said that he had seen difficult time and endured years of sufferings and privations. He said that he had also seen good times but it did not bring any change in his bearing.

He said that politics for him was a means of serving the humanity. It was aimed at spreading peace, love, and putting the country on the path of progress and prosperity by eliminating corruption and the archaic feudal system.

Mr Hussain said that death is an unchangeable reality and everyone has to die one day. He prayed Almighty Allah to give everyone the opportunity to recite the kalmia before dying.

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