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MQM To take out solidarity rally for school carnage victims

MQM To take out solidarity rally for school carnage victims
 Posted on: 12/18/2014
In-charge Coordination Committee Pakistan Qamar Mansoor said MQM wanted to ensure people of the country; especially armed forces that they were not alone at all because the prideful and chivalrous people of the country, including MQM workers would not let them spare in the war against terror and would fight side by side with their army.
Talking to the media persons at a press conference at Khursheed Begum Secretariat, Azizabad, Mr. Qamar Mansoor said MQM would take out a rally from Numaish Chowrangi to Tibet Center to express solidarity with the victims of Army Public School tragedy and Pak army. He said that Friday’s rally would be a milestone against the terrorism and extremism.
He said that for the last several decades, the terrorists and extremists kept Carrying out carnage against the innocent civilians as well as the army or security personnel. He said that the Peshawar school battue was carried out by some of the cowardly sick brains and the history would not forgive them for that peccancy.
Qamar Mansoor said that MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain appealed to all the political and religious parties to get united and arrayed in front of the terrorists and extremists. He said that no solace could provide any comfort to the parents of the victims of the school massacre, so Mr. Hussain communicated with the people through various TV channels to arrange guarding system in their areas to prevent such incident in future.
He said that people from all walks of life would hugely participate in the proposed rally and let the terrorists know that the entire nation was on board against them. He said that MQM was the only political party which raised voice against the Taliban monsters but also took out rallies to show solidarity with the warring soldiers.
In-charge Coordination Committee Pakistan said that Mr. Hussain always condemned the terrorist incidents and offered unconditional support to the army and security forces to eliminate the terrorism from the country. He said that for this support to the country’s forces and strict opposition for the Taliban, MQM was threatened not to contest in the general elections.He said that MQM had paid off for its Taliban opposition policy, while its one MNA Tahira Asif and 3 MPAs Raza Haider, Manzar Imam and Sajid Qureshi were killed in the terrorists’ attacks. He said there were not any good or bad Taliban because all the Taliban were terrorists and their sympathizers tried to rephrase them.
MQM leader appealed to the nation including political parties to come forward and participate in the rally to show a unanimous solidarity for the victims of school carnage. He said that Mr. Hussain and other party leaders openly pointed out that the Taliban terrorists who fled from North Waziristan prior to the army-operation, should be comprehended in their dens.
He said in Karachi there are various areas, which are no-go areas even for the law enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and those areas keep providing shelters to the criminals too. He appealed to the all political leaders to come and forget the mistake of the past before the terrorists reach out doorsteps.

Press Conference
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