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I am Karachi & I am very upset

 Posted on: 8/3/2016 1   Views:4457
I am Karachi. A city which is the bane of Pakistan’s economical existence. A city which has been developed after 1947 from a quiet town into a city by the migrants coming from Indian part of the subcontinent. I am a city whose residents built the country not with just words but with example , with their blood, with their money , with honor. I am a city which is bleeding everyday as those who were against formation of the great country Pakistan today maneuver to take control of the city today and have been attempting to do so for the last 69 years. I am Karachi which is beginning to forget to live as everyday part of mine dies. I am dying! I have been disowned! I have been plundered! I am tormented! Yes! I am Karachi!

If you drive through me today . You would find my roads battered giving Syria or Iraq a better look in my comparison as a horde of corrupt and thief minded Peoples Party government vide an incompetent government and a Chief Minister rules this city. I cry every day over my fate that why I am a part of the province of Sind which is ruled by the same feudal mindset who were against the creation of Pakistan. I wish that I may get separated or rescued from the sinister politicians of PPP which is ruled or led by an individual called Bilawal who has an identity crises and loves his maternal surname more than his paternal surname. Why won’t he as Zardari means nothing short of corruption? If tomorrow a dictionary of Pakistani vocabulary is compiled I am sure that Zardari would take over the words such as corruption, tyranny and hegemony . It will be all just “Zardari” . Maybe Bilawal knows it and chooses to stay close to Bhutto instead. This corrupt PPP government has not just shown their uselessness with me i.e. “Karachi” but also with rest of the Sindh. Even dogs live a cleaner life and with more dignity than the PPP led government.

Bilawal is blind to see that his own area is decaying as he worries about Cashmere or Kashmir. Baby Bilawal must develop areas ruled by your pathetic government than worry about Kashmir. Why would Kashmir vote you ? They have seen how your government has raped Karachi and Sindh. They would be fools to elect you. The only reason Sindhis even vote for you because they want their corruption to continue as they build properties and do their pleasure mongering . Otherwise I am sure if you stop corruption (which I feel you can’t as your dad knows nothing else) no one would vote for you. As competence remains a common denominator. Bilawal, you have installed such henchmen who are illiterates and have only passed because of rampant cheating in the interior Sindh . You only have your officers because your quota system gives you the edge. If not for the above ; you and your henchmen may not even get jobs of petty clerks or cleaners. This nation and me i.e. “Karachi” has given you and your cronies a lot and instead of developing me, caressing me . You devour me. If nature has its way ; I will be avenged sooner or later. You and your dad will be remembered as tyrants. So stop worrying about Kashmir and start taking care of me as I feed you.

Then there is another kind of residents living within myself . Rangers who have been there half my life and have slowly captured half of me as well via contracts or properties. I wonder sometime what have they been doing for almost half the century and why their endeavor now. Though I would like to be a peaceful city. But I wonder why this all has come to this as these stayed for decades. Is it only because of Chinese pressure that I am being ambushed daily as CPEC funding is linked to me and Chinese want me as they would like it to be? If that is the case I am still looking for my share in the deal as I feel short changed and yet again abused. I would like Rangers to get rid of the Talibans living on my soil and their comrades as they do a half cooked approach in the city.

I am tired that the sons of those who built this country are being extra judicially killed, sanctioned or banned or arrested without reason or cause. I am tired of my soil being reddened by the blood of the posterity of those who gave me birth and who came to me as I was a federal city not part of Sindh. But today I see that no justice been given to those called Muhajirs though thousands have died. The graveyards expand. The number of widows and orphans grow. I sometimes see on my streets people chanting about Kashmir . Those people whose leaders opposed Pakistan’s creation . But never to protest of the plunder and torment I face every day. I am tired of burying my sons and especially of those who created Pakistan.

I feel dirty because of the thousands of tons of garbage piling on me. With no one to bother as no one owns the city . As those who own and elect a Mayor. He is in jail and for what ? for supporting speeches of his Leader Altaf Hussein; which is his democratic right. Ironic isn’t it ? As not my soul has been rendered dirty by the corrupt lot who rule me in form of politicians or establishment but also my body physically?

I feel ashamed as Quaid e Azam is buried in me ; who was born here. I wonder what he feels today after seeing that this city like some other parts of Pakistan has gone to dogs. I wonder would he support such antics . I wonder did he struggled for Pakistan to appease the tyrannical feudal and some in establishment.

I am very very angry. I will be talking to you more often . I want myself to be developed and clean. I want to stop burying young lives in me. I want justice to be given. I want my rightful share. You need me in a better shape for a better Pakistan. I promise that if I am not getting what I ask for today as my fundamental right. Nature would take its due course. I shall claim. Yes! I shall claim what is rightfully mine. Soon !