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Another senior office bearer of MQM Asif Pasha extra judicially killed by Para Military Rangers and agencies in Karachi

 Posted on: 6/17/2020

London. Jun 17, 2020: 
Another senior office bearer of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Asif Pasha was extra judicially killed by Para Military Rangers and other security agencies in Karachi. He was in the custody of security forces since February 2019 and his mutilated and bullet ridden body was found in the supper high way area in Karachi. His body was brutally wounded with pierces, bruises and gunshot in his forehead from very close range.

According to the details, the Paramilitary Rangers had arrested Pasha on Feb 22, 2019 and went missing. The following day on Feb 23, 2019, the Central Coordination Committee of MQM had through a press statement condemned the Paramilitary Rangers for unlawfully arresting him along with other activists. Paramilitary Rangers had briefed the local press and showed names of those they had arrested except Pasha whom they declared was an absconder on which the MQM CC showed deep concern as it feared custodial death of him and the time proved it hundred percent. In its SOS letter, the MQM also informed the United Nations and other international human rights organisations of the imminent threat to life of the fateful Pasha.

The family of Pasha had also filed a petition in the Sindh High Court for his safe recovery, but despite the passage of hald and a year, justice as not done and was denied. The family continued to look for him everywhere but no avail as the fateful was in custody of the Paramilitary Rangers. They knocked every door for justice but to no avail.

The CC said that the concerns it expressed in is statement on Feb 25, 2019 about serious threats to life of Pasha were proved correct as his body has now been found dumped in the bushes in the supper high way area in Karachi. It is a barbaric example of custodial death at the hands of Pakistan’s armed forces. Local Police informed Pasha's elder brother about Pasha’s body found dumped in the bushes. Signs of torture on his body can’t be translatd into words and it was a tragedy to humanity.
Central Coordination Committee of MQM has strongly condemned the custodial death of Asif Pasha and said that the cold blooded custodial death of him was patrt of ongoing genocide of Mohajirs in Karachi, Sindh since Jun 19, 1992.
The CC said that since the MQM has declared a combined struggle for the unity and solidarity of the permanent residents of Sindh, Sindhis and Mohajirs, for their right of freedom, the ongoing state operation against us has been intensified and a series of custodial deaths are happening every day.

Today, while MQM activist Pasha was assassinated in the custody of the Paramilitary Rangers, a Jeay Sindh Quami Mahaz ( Areser group) activist Niaz Lashari, was also tortured to death and his mutilated body was dumped in Gulshan-e Hadid in east of Karachi. Lashari was also arrested from the premises of court in Hyderabad some eight months and a year ago. This barbaric custodial death of peaceful political activists for demanding their legitimate rights is naked barbarism which deserves condemnation in all forms and shapes. The enforced disappearances and custodial deaths of political activists are rampant in Pakistan.

It asked the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take cognizance of the custodial deaths of the missing political activists and to recover them as their lives are also under serious threats like Pasha or else they will also be assassinated in custody.
It also appealed to the UN human rights bodies to take cognizance of the MQM and Jeay Sindh activists, political activists their enforced disappearances in Pakistan and to press the Pakistan to end the atrocities.
The CC expressed heartfelt condolences to the family of the fateful Pasha and assured them that every single MQM men and women stands with them in this time of test.

Founder leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain strongly condemn the extra judicial killing of Asif Pasha and call it a part of ongoing genocide of Mohajir nation in the name of state operation by Army, para military Rangers and security agencies.
He appeal to international world and human rights organisation to raise their voice against state brutalities against Mohajirs and other oppressed nations.

3/2/2024 2:26:36 AM