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Altaf Hussains emphasizes the need for better governance of Karachi on UN World Cities Day

 Posted on: 10/31/2015
As the world is celebrating UN World Cities Day on 31st Oct 2015, the Founder & Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain addressed his party followers stressing the need to improve the way Karachi is governed.
He said, “Karachi has been left ungoverned for too long, resulting in worsening security situation, poor access to clean water, sanitation and energy provision, which has had a very negative impact on the standards of living of its inhabitants, especially the poorest and most vulnerable.”
He added, “Many of big cities such as Karachi need to transition into better planned and better managed environments by reducing greenhouse emissions, ensuring basic services such as clean water, proper sanitation and safety. International community should encourage good city governance, which will enable cities like Karachi to take opportunities and overcome challenges in achieving successful urbanization.”
Karachi is home to more than 23 million people, making it one of the largest cities in the world, but has been left with no mayor since 2009. The last time a MQM mayor governed Karachi was in 2005. During his term the living standards in the city have significantly improved, largely thanks to investments in infrastructure to ensure better access to clean water, proper sanitation and education across the city.
MQM is the fourth largest political party in Pakistan and is committed to genuinely democratic Pakistan and supports equal rights and opportunities for all. As a liberal, tolerant and progressive party, it is firmly opposed to all forms of fanaticism and extremism. MQM is the party behind the success of Karachi as Pakistan’s economic powerhouse. In economic terms it supports free enterprise and good governance and advocates increased foreign investment in Pakistan, both for the technical expertise it can bring and as a bulwark against corruption.

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