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Father of Anis Ahmed Qaimkhani passes away in Hyderabad

 Posted on: 12/25/2012
London: 25th December 2012
Hidayat Ali Khan, father of the Deputy Convener of the Co-ordination Committee of the MQM Anis Ahmed Qaimkhani, passed away by the Will of Allah. He was 85. MQM Founder and Leader Mr Altaf Hussain telephoned Mr Qaimkhani and expressed heartfelt grief and sorrow on the death of his father. Offering his condolences Mr Hussain said that the sacrifices of late Hidayat Ali Khan and other members of his family for the movement were unforgettable. He said that each and every worker of the MQM is sad on the death of his father and feels his grief equally.
Mr Hussain prayed Almighty Allah to shower His blessings on the soul of Mr Qaimkhani’s father and bless his soul. He prayed Allah to forgive the departed soul for the sake of the martyrs of Badr, Uhad and Karbala and give him a lofty place in heaven.
Mr Hussain directed the Co-ordination Committee and office-bearers of the Hyderabad Zone to make arrangements for the funeral and burial of late Hidayat Ali Khan. He asked the workers to attend the funeral.

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