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MQM Hyderabad & Multan zones hold demos against BBC documentary

MQM Hyderabad & Multan zones hold demos against BBC documentary
 Posted on: 1/31/2014
Protest demonstrations and rallies were organised by Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Hyderabad and Multan zones on Friday to voice anger over the uncalled for and baseless allegations levelled in the BBC documentary against their leader Altaf Hussain and the party.

The huge rallies was attended by MQM Coordination Committee’s members Kunwar Naveed Jamil, Ashfaq Mangi, Syed Shakir Ali, Abdul Haseeb, members of Central Executive Council, Coordination Committee’s Coordinator Javaid Kazmi, In-charges and members of Sindh and Punjab Tanzeemi Committees, Haq Parast legislators, Zonal in-charges and members, office-bearers of sector and unit committees, workers and a large number of Haq Parast elders, youths, women, children including boys and girls.

Addressing the participants of the rallies, MQM Coordination Committee’s members said that the BBC documentary against the MQM had proved that the voice raised for the rights of down-trodden people was neither liked by the capitalists of the country nor by the elites of the society.

Lashing out at the contents of the BBC documentary, they said that it was ironic that the leader of millions of people was humiliated in the documentary merely on the basis of information provided to the BBC by the opponents of the party and asked “what was the fault of Altaf Hussain and the MQM if the Britain police had failed to arrest the killer of Shaheed-i-Inquilab.”

They said that the MQM had not only always spread the message of peace and love but also played its exemplary role for promoting peace in the country and, hence, levelling allegations against such a party and its leader was, certainly, a part of a deep-rooted conspiracy.

“We are proud of the fact that Altaf Hussain never bowed his head before evil forces,” they said, adding that the Haq Parast people would foil all such conspiracies with their unity.
Speaking on the occasion, Haq Parast representatives and office-bearers of the MQM said that all the oppressed people of the country who immensely love Altaf Hussain would stand like a rock to foil conspiracies against him.

They said that “the huge rallies taken out by Haq Parast people were indicative of the fact that they would foil all such conspiracies as there is no power on earth which could separate us from Altaf Hussain as our beginning starts with Altaf Hussain and our destination is Altaf Hussain.”
Reiteration that the MQM was a people’s party, they said that the party would never stop raising voice for the rights of oppressed and suppressed people of the country.

They said that since Altaf Hussain was the leader of poor and oppressed people of the country, the enemies of Altaf Hussain were the enemies of poor and oppressed people. Ends… 

7/17/2018 12:32:20 PM