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Altaf Hussain terms more provinces could resolve issues

 Posted on: 5/28/2016
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said that the founders (forefathers of Muhajirs) of Pakistan had rendered millions of sacrifices for the formation of Pakistan and now their children had decided to sacrifice everything for the formation of new provinces in the country.
Addressing to a gathering of interactive session of Nazimabad Residence Committee, MQM Chief said that MQM had been serving the humanity and people of all walks of life should voluntarily participate in that struggle. He said that the dual between right and wrong was continued from ages.
He said that the societies throughout the world seemed to be divided into two as one with progressive, liberal and enlightened people while the other would be conservative and extremists. He addressed to the Muhajir elite and said that their talents and capabilities were never utilized properly.
Mr. Hussain said that the Muhajir bureaucrats who built Pakistan bricks by bricks were shamefully terminated from their jobs and lately threatened to be thrown into the sea. He said that Karachi mostly populated by Muhajirs had been paying 70 percent of the total revenue, never been given its due rights.
He said that the entire city had become the pile of the garbage, sewerage system was ruined and people had been deprived of water and electricity facilities. He appealed to the Muhajir elites to actively participate in the struggle against the discrimination with the members of Urdu-speaking community.
MQM Chief said that the Muhajirs had decided now to attain their own province for any cost under the flag of MQM. He said that for getting the rights of poor peasants, farmers and naïve of rural and urban Sindh, there needed creation of new provinces or administrative units.
He said that the Sindh should consist on Sindh-one (urban) and Sindh-two (rural) to minimize the corruption and provision of rights to the people. He said that Sindh-one would be for everyone and people would be given equal rights of living and nobody would be better than any other.
Mr. Hussain said that if four provinces could be made on communal basis then why not the Muhajir province could be created and why not the 5th province could be formed on communal basis. He said that the Muhajirs had been discriminated and deprived of their fundamental rights even such discrimination afflicted the Sindh Public Service Commission where the Urdu-speaking youth would be categorically denied of jobs despite their ultimate merits.
He said that the people had been showing their confidence on MQM for long but their electoral mandate was yet to be acknowledged. He said that nearly six months had been passed but the elections of mayor and deputy mayor were yet to be conducted while the provincial government showing no interest in conducting the polls in near future.
He said that all the seminaries in Karachi were filled with non-habitants and foreign students and tactfully devised conspiracy to provoke sectarian differences among the communities, especially between Shia and Sunni. He once again appealed the Muhajir elites to strengthened MQM to fight against the discriminations and deprivation with Urdu-speaking community.

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