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MQM calls for strike against anti-urban budget in Sindh

MQM calls for strike against anti-urban budget in Sindh
 Posted on: 6/13/2015
The London and Karachi Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement conducted an emergency meeting to thoroughly discuss the current budget of Sindh.
The participants of the meeting expressed their despair about neglecting the urban areas of the province in the budget as not a single mega development project or employment opportunities were announced. It said that such discrimination could increase the anxiety among the people of urban Sindh.
The Coordination Committee strongly rejected the discriminated and anti-urban budget and called for a shutter-down strike throughout the Sindh to register the protest against it. It appealed to all the traders, industrialists, shopkeepers and transporters to support the strike and keep their business close on Sunday.
The Committee said that MQM could not endorse the anti-urban budget and would raise its voice at all the relevant platforms to expose PPP’s prejudices with urban population. It said that the budget seemed to bisect the Sindh’s population into two.
 The Coordination Committee said that MQM would go for an entire Sindh strike on Sunday to let the PPP-led provincial government to know about the situation. It appealed to the people to register their protest by closing their businesses and make the call successful.
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