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MQM organizes protest rally in Hyderabad

MQM organizes protest rally in Hyderabad
 Posted on: 6/5/2015 1
Muttahida Quami Movement has organized a protest rally against shortage of basic life essentials, including water, electricity and sanitation at Kohinoor Chowk in Hyderabad.
Talking on the occasion, member of Coordination Committee Abdul Haseeb said that the government claimed to make Thar like Karachi but it seemed that Hyderabad and Karachi had become Thar. He said that MQM kept raising voice for the rights of the people but the authorities did not pay any heeds to the issues. 
Member Coordination Azeem Farooqui, STC In-Charge Umar Quraishi, members Rasheed Bhaya, Syed Khursheed Ali, Raana Ansar, Ayesha Aftab, Rashid Khiljee, Dilawar Quraishi, Zubair Ahmed, Sabir Hussain, workers and huge number of supporters attended the rally.
Mr. Haseeb said that the conspiracies were designed to separate MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain and his people but all the designs were failed and MQM and Altaf Hussain still lived in people’s hearts. He said that the government should take immediate notice to resolve the fundamental issues of the people of Hyderabad, including shortage of water, loadshedding and provision of sanitation.
Member STC and MPA Ayesha Aftab suggested the authorities to stop discriminating the masses because people’s accountability could make their lives miserable. She said that Hyderabad was the city of Altaf Hussain and nobody could spare people from him by any tactics.
MQM Zonal In-Charge Naveed Shamsi said that the ruling elite had snatched the right of living by the people of Hyderabad. He said that his party chief stopped them to agitate against such discrimination otherwise people would have taken their own way to get their rights.
MPA Syed Waseem Hussain said that the government had nothing to do with the public issues and the media outlets also seemed to relay entertainment programmes in priority rather raising voice for the people. He said that the authorities claimed to own Sindh, deprived their people with water and fundamental issues.

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