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I want Pakistan’s unity and stability: Altaf Hussain

I want Pakistan’s unity and stability: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/10/2015
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said he wants Pakistan’s unity and stability. “I want a strong Pakistan that could take on its enemies and talk to big powers boldly.”
He said this while talking to the office-bearers and workers of MQM in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan on the telephone.
Mr Hussain said that an operation was done against the MQM in the past also when its message had started spreading across the length and breadth of Pakistan.
“Jinnahpur conspiracy and other fabricated allegations were made against MQM in the past in order to disillusion the people of Punjab, but the time proved all allegations as baseless.”
“Once again the MQM is being accused of enmity to country and treason after the historic victory of in the by-election for NA – 246. Efforts are being made to mislead the people of Punjab and keep the away from the MQM.”
Mr Hussain said leaders in Punjab always had hidden facts from their people and used them for their vested interests. “Such elements are trying even today to keep the people of Punjab away from the MQM because they fear that it would become a great force if the people of Punjab joined hands with Altaf Hussain.”
“Such elements in Punjab fear that their hegemony would end if the MQM is allowed to work freely. Hence, conspiracies are being hatched, and a media trial of MQM is being done for achieving this nefarious design.”
Mr Hussain asked the youth to read MQM literature as it had the potential to change their future.
He asked MQM office-bearers and workers in Punjab to take the party’s message to every nook and corner of the province and inform them about real facts.
The workers assured Mr Hussain that they would not leave the party under any condition and continue to work for spreading the message of the MQM in Punjab province.
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